How to change Instagram Spotlight cover without posting to Stories

Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) has numerous features and, without a doubt, Stories is one of the most used. Next to it is Highlight, which allows you to store already published Stories in “folders”. Each folder created is shown on the user’s profile — and, it is worth noting, it can interfere with the look of the profile. This, although it seems superficial, is very important, especially for content creators — whose profile is, basically, a business card.

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It is not necessary, however, to work with Instagram to maintain an organized account. And this aspect, it is worth noting, goes far beyond Feed. You can create themed Highlights and insert covers that relate to the content. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to change the cover of an Instagram Spotlight without necessarily posting to Stories.

How to change the cover of an Instagram Highlight without posting to Stories

Step 1: via the mobile app, go to your Instagram profile. Once this is done, tap and hold one of the created Highlights;

Step 2: now click on “Edit Highlight”;

Step 3: at the top of the screen, select the option “Edit cover”;

Step 4: if you don’t see a gallery icon on the left of the screen, swipe the photos displayed on the bottom bar to the right;

Step 5: done that, tap on the “Gallery” icon represented by a landscape drawing;

Step 6: now choose a new cover photo for Featured. Then tap on the “Finish” option, which is positioned in the upper right corner of the screen;

Step 7: again select “Finish”;

Step 8: to confirm, click the button once more.

Ready! Now you know how to change the cover of an Instagram Highlight without posting to Stories!

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