How to change gender on Instagram profile

In the past, when creating an account on a social network, it was only possible to choose one gender — “male” or “female” — to fill in basic contact information. Now Instagram (Android | iOS | Web) offers other gender options, and even allows you to hide this information on your profile.

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The feature aims to make the platform more inclusive, especially as there are people who do not necessarily identify with their biological sex. If this is your case, check below how to change gender on Instagram!

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How to change gender on Instagram

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile tab in the bottom menu and tap “Edit Profile”.

step 2: then click on “Personal Information Settings”.

step 3: Tap “Genre”.

step 4: Select one of the options from the list, or select “I’d rather not say” if you don’t want this information displayed on your profile.

step 5: if you selected the “Custom” option, enter your gender in the “Custom” field.

step 6: Once the adjustments are complete, tap “Confirm” (Android) or “Finish” (iOS) in the upper right corner.

Tip: if you want to add a pronoun that best defines you, enter it in your bio.

Ready! Now you can change or customize your gender on Instagram.

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