How to Change FaceTime Caller ID on Mac

FaceTime is a native application on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac) that allows you to make voice calls, over the internet or phone signal, through the continuity feature. So, even if you’re using a Mac, you can use your phone number for calls without needing an iPhone.

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In this sense, if you use FaceTime as your main application to make calls to other people, or to participate in group meetings, you may want your phone number not to appear on calls. After all, preserving privacy is essential, especially to avoid unwanted calls or messages.

The best alternative, then, is to use your email associated with your Apple ID in in-app calls. That is, you can continue to use FaceTime, but sensitive information (personal phone number) will remain hidden.

Follow the steps below that we have prepared for you to change the FaceTime caller ID on Mac. If you want to do the same procedure on iPhone, access the article that Haanga prepared for you in this link.

How to Change Caller ID on Mac

Step 1: open the FaceTime app on Mac. To do this, you can go to Finder, then “Applications” and open FaceTime.

Step 2: in the menu bar, go to “FaceTime” > “Preferences…”.

Step 3: under “Start new calls from:”, choose another default caller ID.

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