How to Advertise on Instagram

If you want to increase your sales, know how to advertise on Instagram. After all, the platform is no longer just a social network, to become a real showcase. As a result, many salespeople use it as a business driver.

Unfortunately, the process has a fair amount of steps. To create paid ads on Instagram, you need to prepare the ground. The user must create a business account on the social network or, if they already have a personal profile, convert it.

Only after everything is in order, you can display your products. To get started, go to the profile tab. With the new account type enabled, additional features will be displayed on this page.

How to Advertise on Instagram

1. Among the available tools, select “Ad tools”. Decide whether to promote a popular post or another post (option below). Now, set a goal for the ad: profile visits, website visits (insert URL), or more direct messages;

2. After moving forward, define your target audience. It is possible to create special requirements (such as profession, housing, and others), select automatic mode (in which the profile is drawn by Instagram), or build a profile from scratch. Then enter the ad deadline and the amount spent per day. On the next screen, check if everything is ok and click on “Payment”;

3. In the corresponding field, enter the total amount of the ad to add funds to your account. Choose one of the methods listed and complete the payment. When the money is cleared, return to the previous screen and click on “Turbine Post”.

Payment methods vary depending on the information registered by each account. Currently, it is possible to use credit and debit cards, PayPal, Mercado Pago or Boleto.

Now that you’ve learned how to advertise on Instagram, how about finding out how to sell your products on the social network? If you put these strategies together, you can create a post to sell an item and then boost the post to reach more people and boost your sales.

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