How to add voice effects in Instagram Reels?

In yet another wave of updates, Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) now allows users to add voice effects to videos created on Reels. Through the novelty, it is possible to change the audio and give a touch of humor to the lines and dubbing.

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To access the feature, ensure your app is on the latest version. If the function still appears, don’t worry. New features may take a while to arrive on all accounts on the platform.

How to use voice effects in Reels

Instagram released five voice effects: “Hélio”; “Giant”; “Vocalist”; “Announcer”; and “Robot”. To access them and add one of them to your video, enter the publish screen and choose the Reels format.

Record a video and proceed

Once that’s done, tap the capture button to record a video. Then select the “Preview” button located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Select the “Adjust Audio” button

Now, in the bottom opposite corner, tap on the “Adjust Audio” command to display the available actions.

Add voice effects to Reels

Then click on the three-dot button and select the “Add Effects…” command.

Choose one of the options and complete

In the window that will appear next, choose one of the effects listed and tap “Finish”.

With the added voice effect, edit your video as you like and share it with your friends on Instagram.

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