How to Add TikTok Widget on iPhone Home Screen

Since the release of iOS 14 at the end of last year, the iPhone has made it possible to customize the device’s Home Screen with a series of widgets, however, it is the responsibility of the companies themselves to develop and release their own versions adapted to the format, so that users can enjoy them and add them to their devices.

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TikTok, the short video social network that has been booming since last year, has four different formats of widgets to be inserted into the iPhone’s home screen, allowing the user to choose which one makes the most sense for personalizing the iPhone. your iOS device.

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Here’s how to add the TikTok widget to your iPhone’s Home Screen:

Step 1: On your iPhone’s home screen, locate an empty area and press your finger on it for a few seconds. At the top left of the screen, click on the “+” icon that will appear.

step 2: On the widgets screen, scroll down and in the list of available apps, look for Tik Tok.

step 3: there are four options for Tik Tok widgets, just drag the screen to the side or click on the dots to check them. The smallest option occupies the space of 4 icons, the middle and the special one (last option) occupy the space of 8 icons, while the largest option occupies the equivalent of 16 icons. When choosing which one you want to use, click on “Add Widget” at the bottom.

step 4: Set the widget on your iPhone’s home screen and click “OK” after placing it.

step 5: With the widget properly positioned, it will appear normally on your iPhone’s home screen.

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