How to Add Friends on Spotify

Adding friends on Spotify can be very useful, especially to keep track of the songs, podcasts and other content they consume on the platform. It’s an interesting way to connect beyond social networks and messengers.

To carry out the process, your streaming account must be connected to your Facebook account. So if the person you want to add is not on the social network, they will not appear in the suggestions. But don’t despair, there are ways to share Spotify in other ways.

How to add friends on Spotify using the app

1. To add friends on Spotify (Android l iOS l Web l Desktop), access the “Preferences” menu, represented by the gear icon. And, on the next screen, tap on the “View Profile” command;

2. Now select the three dots button at the top of the screen and finally the “Find Friends” option. To follow new users, tap the add button next to each one or use the “Follow All” shortcut. If you want to unfollow the profile, just retrace the path and tap the same button.

How to follow friends on Spotify on PC

The option is also available on PC, and in the version, the process is much simpler. To use the feature, however, the “Friends Activity” must be visible. To do so, tap the three-dot button in the upper left corner, select “View” and choose the corresponding option.

In the “Friends Activity” tab, on the right side of the screen, find and select the add button. It will be right at the top, next to the “X” icon. Then just repeat the app process to add new friends to your account.

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