How to add best friends on Instagram

If you publish Stories often, it’s helpful to know how to add best friends on Instagram. The function, officially called “Close Friends”, allows the user to direct their posts to specific contacts.

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This is done on the social network’s publishing screen itself. In it, you can create a list of people who will receive exclusive content. So, when you record a Stories, you can send it to all your followers or just to the list participants.

In fact, only you can manage and see who is on your list. But when you post a Stories to “Best Friends”, the contacts you added will see a green outline on your profile picture.

Since it was released, the tool has undergone numerous changes. Currently, its access is only made through the Instagram publishing screen (Android | iOS). That’s because the “Close Friends” tab that existed in the application’s menu has been removed.

  1. To add best friends on Instagram, swipe right and go to the post screen. Choose the “Stories” format at the bottom of the screen and take a photo or video. Then, just click on “Selected People”;
  2. In the tab that appears next, add or remove as many people as you want to your list. Use the “Select All” or “Clear All” command for easier management. You can also check and uncheck each user. With the list ready, click on the “Share” command to publish the Stories.

From that moment on, you can edit the list whenever you want. For this, there are two possible paths: through an already shared post or through the Stories publication screen.

  1. In the first case, access your current Stories. Locate the one that was sent to your best friends and, in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the star icon;
  2. In the second scenario, edit a Stories normally and, before publishing, give a longer press on the “Close friends” button;
  3. In both cases, the same tab will be displayed. Configure the list again, and to save it, tap “Finish”.

Incidentally, it is not possible to add best friends on Instagram in separate lists. The user has only one, which can be changed at any time. Even after different changes, the application will only keep the last version of the saved list.

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