How to add an automatic message in WhatsApp Business

Anyone who has a business account on WhatsApp Business knows that it’s great for the company, right? One of the most practical functions is to add an automatic message since the number of people who log in ends up being greater than in a personal account, so this function is great.

You can set up a welcome, thank you or message that is not currently available. Want to know how to use this on your account and improve your business communication? Just access your WhatsApp Business on Android or iOS and check it out below.

How to add an automatic message in WhatsApp Business

  1. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to access the settings;
  2. Go to “Business Tools”;
  3. In the “Conversation” section you can write automatic messages by clicking on “Greeting message” or “Away message”;
  4. Choose one, customize your message and choose who will receive it and click “Save”.

Easy, right? This is one of the many possibilities that WhatsApp Business offers. I’ll be back soon with more tips for you.

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