How to Activate GloboPlay on Smart TV

You can watch the platform through your cell phone, computer or Smart TV. If you want to know how to activate the service, see our tutorial below.

How to activate GloboPlay on Smart TV

Step 1: open the GloboPlay app on your smart TV. When accessing it, you will be asked to enter the service activation site, log in with your Globo account and press “Enter”.

Step 2: a code will be shown on Smart TV; insert it into your mobile and click the “Activate” button.

Step 3: a message will appear with the name of your TV; if you want to activate it, press “Ok” to continue.

Step 4: the following message will be displayed on your cell phone and, on the TV, GloboPlay is already connected.

Ready! Now you know how to connect GloboPlay to your Smart TV to watch all the programming, movies and series available on Grupo Globo’s streaming platform.

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