How to Access Friend Requests on Instagram

As you may know, Instagram users (Android l iOS l Web) can have public or private accounts — which is something quite common on social networks. So, if you want to follow a private profile, you need to send a friend request. What not everyone knows, however, is that Instagram allows you to see all pending requests.

If you are surprised by this possibility, it is probably because this information is not available in the social network application. So far, it is only possible to access it through the web version. In this case, you can use your mobile browser or your computer.

Although it’s almost a easter egg of the platform, the registration of requests does not offer any access difficulties. The process is quite simple and fast. Next, see how to access friend requests on Instagram.

How to access friend requests on Instagram

Step 1: access your Instagram account through the browser and, on the profile page, tap the gear icon located at the top of the screen;

Step 2: now, select the “Privacy and Security” option;

Step 3: on the page that will appear next, scroll down to the “Account Data” section. Once this is done, click on “View account data”, just below;

Step 4: now locate the Connections section. In it, identify the “Requests to follow current” tab and, below, click on “See all”;

Step 5: Instagram will then display all requests that have not yet been accepted.

Ready! Now you can access friend requests on Instagram and see if your requests were declined.

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