How to access Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the place where users of the social network can buy and sell products. The tool is built into the platform itself, but some people may not find the corresponding button to open the feature.

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In the following tutorial, learn how to access the Facebook Marketplace and learn about the most common problems that cause it to disappear from the service. Errors can happen in both the web version and the Facebook mobile app, but luckily there is a solution.

How to open Marketplace on Facebook

The simplest way to access the Facebook Marketplace is to check if the tool is available on the home screen, as soon as you enter your registration data on the platform.

on PC

  1. Go to “” (without quotes) and log in with your account;
  2. Click on “Marketplace”, on the left side menu, or on the icon of a house at the top of the screen;
  3. Make sure the ads are loading correctly;
  4. Click on the menu buttons on the left side to check if they are working.

On Android and iPhone (iOS)

  1. Open the Facebook app;
  2. Tap “Menu” (icon with three lines) in the lower right corner of the screen;
  3. Access the “Marketplace” option;
  4. If the tool does not appear in the shortcuts, scroll down a little and tap “See more”.

Problems accessing Facebook Marketplace

If even with the tutorial above you still can’t access the Facebook Marketplace, there are some problems that may be happening in your social network account or application. Below are some of the possible solutions.

Update Facebook app on mobile

It could be that the Facebook app on your phone is out of date. It is normal for this type of error to happen, mainly because the tools are being optimized for newer versions of the application.

If this is the case, log into your Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) account and check if there is an update available for Facebook. Then, open the social network app again and see if there is a button to access the Marketplace within the “Menu” option.

Go directly to the Marketplace website

Another simple alternative that is recommended by Facebook itself is to go directly to the Marketplace page. Copy and paste the address “” (without quotes) into your PC or mobile browser, and try to open the website.

The link works but access has been removed

If the link in the previous thread works, but you’ve come across a message saying your access has been removed, it could be that Facebook has blocked your account specifically for Marketplace. This happens in cases of violation of the Trade Policies or two Community Standards of the social network.

According to Facebook, it is possible to request account review. Just access the same website (“”), log in with your data and go to “Request analysis”. The response is sent within a week to the main email associated with the Facebook account.

Marketplace does not open on Facebook Lite

The Marketplace tool is not available in Facebook Lite, the lighter version of the Facebook app. You need to use the normal application or access the platform through an internet browser on your mobile phone or computer.

Source: Facebook

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