How to Contact Spotify Support

If you are a subscriber to the service, it is essential to know how to contact Spotify. Support will help you resolve security issues, particularly related to account access, restore

How to Add Friends on Spotify

Adding friends on Spotify can be very useful, especially to keep track of the songs, podcasts and other content they consume on the platform. It’s an interesting way to connect

How to Add Your Podcast on Spotify

Would you like to know how to create a podcast on Spotify? The streaming platform is one of the main options available for publishing your podcast: it has an extensive

How to Share Playlists On Spotify

I would like to know how to share a playlist on Spotify? The method is valid for publishing content from the service on your social networks and messengers, or even

How to Delete Spotify History

Spotify still doesn’t allow you to clear the list of the last songs or podcasts played in the app. Until some time ago, it was possible to erase Spotify history,

How to See Lyrics on Spotify

Do you know how to see song lyrics on Spotify? The streaming platform allows you to see the lyrics of the song and even syncs the verses with the current

How to Connect Shazam with Spotify

Shazam (Android | iOS) is a platform developed for mobile devices that is able to identify songs that are playing in the environment — and all this without you having

How to Scan Spotify QR Code

Want to know how to read Spotify code? The QR Code has changed the way people share and receive information. But despite the practicality it offers, many people have not

How to Save Spotify Music Offline

After all, how to download music on Spotify for offline listening? This feature is a real savior on long walks, trips, and other times when the user does not have

How to Create a Playlist on Spotify

Creating a playlist on Spotify is one of the most interesting features of one of the top music streaming services. They can be individual or even shared with one or

How to Change Spotify Username

Knowing how to change your Spotify username can be crucial, especially when the name displays random letters and numbers. The procedure can also be useful if you created the account

How to Import Spotify Playlist to Deezer

It is important to know how to import Spotify playlists to Deezer if you have recently switched streaming services. The platform has a function that allows you to migrate playlists,

How to Rate Podcasts on Spotify

Spotify has a feature to evaluate podcasts registered on the platform. With a rating scheme ranging from one to five stars, you can leave your rating on the show and

How to View Podcast Transcript on Spotify

Spotify (Android l iOS l Web) announced this summer that it would launch a new accessibility-focused feature: podcast transcription. A few months later, the tool started to reach users. Integrated

How to Change Spotify Password

Forgot your credentials and don’t know how to change your Spotify password? The process is easy and can be done either by cell phone or by computer. To do so,

How to Cancel Spotify Premium

Want to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription? Fortunately, the process is quite simple and only takes a few minutes. In fact, it can be done both by cell phone and