How to Remove online Status from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp was one of those responsible for revolutionizing the way we communicate, facilitating this process. But even if you’re online on the platform, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re available to

How to Write in WhatsApp Status

Writing in WhatsApp Status, although not as intuitive a process as it seems, is something that can be done extremely quickly and conveniently in the messenger. Check below for more

How to Add link in whatsapp Status

see how to Add links in WhatsApp status, a function that is ideal for promoting external sites, such as news, or even personal projects that you want to share with

How to Record Audios on Whatsapp Web

Record audio on WhatsApp Web and on WhatsApp Desktop it’s as simple as sending a voice message in the app for Android and iPhone (iOS). With a microphone connected, just

How to create a group on WhatsApp

WhatsApp (Android l iOS l Web) is the most popular messenger today. Despite strong competition, led by Telegram and Signal, the application has maintained its leadership position. Next to private

How to play Uno on WhatsApp

If you miss having fun with your friends, know that you can play Uno on WhatsApp. Although there are several game options in the party game style, this is a

How to join WhatsApp group calls

WhatsApp (Android l iOS l Web) has recently started to allow users to join group calls at any time. From this new feature, if you cannot answer the call at

How to unblock a contact on WhatsApp

WhatsApp (Android | iOS | Web) is a messenger that has redefined the way we communicate these days. However, it’s not uncommon for some people to end up sending invasive

How to contact WhatsApp Support

Are you facing problems using WhatsApp (Android l iOS l Web)? There is a quick and easy way to trigger Messenger Support from within the app itself. In just a

How to clear WhatsApp chats

If you constantly receive messages that are not of interest to you from friends, family or some groups, there is a high chance that you need to clear your WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp Multiple Devices

WhatsApp (Android | iOS) has now released the “Multiple Devices” function for the most updated version of the app. This feature, still in beta, solves an old problem with the

How to use WhatsApp shopping cart

With WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp users (Android | iOS | Web) have gained a new way to get in touch with merchants. Through the platform, shopkeepers are able to create a

How to report Fake News on WhatsApp

WhatsApp (Android l iOS l Web l Desktop) has become, over the last few years, a true means of spreading fake news. Fortunately, the messenger has a mechanism for reporting

How to download video on WhatsApp Web

For some time now, WhatsApp (Android | iOS | Web) has allowed users to use the messaging application through the browser with all available features, that is, chat, receive and

How to find stores near you by WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp (Android | iOS | Web) started distributing a new free function, called “business guide”. Its objective is very simple: to help you find stores close to your location

How to View WhatsApp Status Anonymously

Usually, when someone views a Status on WhatsApp (Android | iOS | Web), the social network notifies its owner. While it’s interesting to know who viewed the post, it’s possible

Where is WhatsApp backup on mobile?

You have probably already wondered where the WhatsApp backup (Android | iOS | Web) is saved on your phone. Every time you click “Facer backup”, a file is created and

How to send temporary messages on WhatsApp

Similar to Snapchat, users have the option to activate and set up temporary messages that disappear on WhatsApp. Once activated, audios, photos and other content will self-destruct after 24 hours,

How to update whatsapp

Updating your WhatsApp version is very important for the app to work properly. In addition to receiving new messenger functions, updates are used to fix possible bugs and apply security

How to Scan WhatsApp Web QR Code

If you use your computer often, WhatsApp Web can make messaging more fluid and convenient. After all, by adopting the version, the user concentrates all activities on a single device.

How to change WhatsApp wallpaper

Want to change WhatsApp wallpaper but don’t know how? The process is quite simple and takes no more than a few seconds. As you may already know, the messenger does

How to create a link to WhatsApp

Among other features to facilitate the conversation between its users, WhatsApp allows you to create a link with your number so that it is possible to start a conversation without

How to Backup WhatsApp Audio Messages

As a precaution, it is very important to backup WhatsApp audio messages. If you are in the habit of constantly cleaning your messenger conversations, you will probably one day end

How to put Memoji as WhatsApp photo

There’s a little-known trick among iPhone users that lets you save your personalized Memojis as a photo to your iOS device’s camera roll. From there, you can set the image

How to transcribe WhatsApp audio

There are times when it is very important to know how transcribe an audio from WhatsApp. You’ve certainly received a message of this nature, but you couldn’t or simply weren’t

How to block someone on WhatsApp

There are several cases where it is very important to know how to block someone on WhatsApp. As one of the most popular messengers, it is not uncommon for people

How to Add music in WhatsApp Status

Putting music on WhatsApp Status is not as easy as it is with other Meta-controlled apps like Facebook and Instagram. The messenger is one of the few that still hasn’t

How to delete Whatsapp message

We don’t always want to keep everything we send in chat apps. Then, how to delete a WhatsApp message? The messenger allows you to delete texts, photos, or videos sent

How to Delete Whatsapp Group

You can quickly and conveniently delete the WhatsApp group on an Android phone or iPhone. The procedure can be quite interesting if you have joined several, no longer want to

How to make a GIF on WhatsApp

Do you know how to make a GIF by WhatsApp? The messaging app allows you to turn your mobile videos into short animations to send them in conversations. In this

How to Put Automatic message on WhatsApp

While WhatsApp Business natively offers the function to put automatic messages in the messenger, the standard version needs a little help from other applications, being a very useful feature for

How to make stickers on WhatsApp

Do you know how to make stickers on WhatsApp? Stickers are part of conversations in the messenger and can be done in different ways, with the help of apps or

How to Add password in Whatsapp

It is very important to know how to put a password on WhatsApp, especially if you use the messenger as a work tool or even keep private conversations that cannot

How to Add WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Who owns an Apple Watch and keeps notifications on, you may have already noticed that messages received on your iPhone, whether they are from conversations or from groups that are

How to Backup WhatsApp

It is very important to know how to backup WhatsApp, especially if you are getting a new device and don’t want to lose your conversations. This action can be recommended

How to Delete Whatsapp Stickers

Do you know how to delete WhatsApp stickers? When reorganizing your packs, it’s important to remove some unnecessary content to find your favorite stickers quickly. WhatsApp offers ways to remove

How to edit or delete WhatsApp Message

The WhatsApp Message is the space used to include a brief text description about your profile. In the case of professional profiles, it is an interesting option to present details

How to add a contact on WhatsApp

After all, how to add a contact on WhatsApp? The process is quite simple and will certainly make the use of the messenger more fluid, precisely because this method eliminates

How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp

Leaving WhatsApp with a black screen is one of the features offered by the popular messaging platform. Dark mode makes the app’s interface darker, which can help with reading when

How to Save WhatsApp audios

In many cases, it is very important to know how to save WhatsApp audio. As much as many users are not big fans of the feature, it can be quite

How to recover deleted WhatsApp audios

Knowing how to recover deleted WhatsApp audios is extremely crucial, especially if you have lost a very important message or voice file. But don’t despair! Know that this can be

How to Zoom Out of WhatsApp Camera

WhatsApp may have an issue with the app’s native camera that zooms in on the photo or video without you doing anything. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to zoom

How to Save WhatsApp photos in Gallery

After all, how to save WhatsApp photos in the cell phone gallery? Although this configuration is automatic on Android phones, the same is not true on iPhones. Therefore, if the