4 Ways to Find Someone on TikTok

Want to connect with a friend but don’t know how to find someone on tiktok? While the most obvious strategy is to look up the username, this is not the

How to Watch TikTok on TV

TikTok has an official app for televisions, bringing the same content as the app for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. Next, learn how to watch TikTok on TV. The TikTok

How to View TikTok anonymously

There’s a good chance you want to know how to view TikTok anonymously. Not all social networks allow users to see who has visited their profile, however, it is not

How to Transfer money from TikTok to PicPay

It’s possible transfer money from TikTok to PicPay. The accumulated balance of social network promotions can be sent to different payment accounts including the app. That way, the money is

How to unlike TikTok videos

TikTok (Android | iOS | Web) is a platform that offers a number of features for creating and editing short videos. Recently, the social network surpassed Facebook and ended up

How to pin a comment on TikTok

If you use TikTok a lot (Android | iOS) and, in addition to the information passed on video, you want to complement it with text, you can pin comments. So

How to see your code on TikTok

TikTok (Android l iOS l Web) is not only known for the viral videos that invade other platforms. The social network also stands out for offering cash prizes. In fact,

How to make a profile private on TikTok

TikTok (Android l iOS l Web), like Instagram, allows users to have private profiles on the social network. Although this possibility is not so well known, it is an interesting

How to make 3 minute videos on TikTok

TikTok (Android l iOS l Web) announced, at the end of 2020, the possibility of extending the duration of videos to up to 3 minutes. The news generated mixed reactions

How to do a duo live on TikTok

TikTok (Android | iOS | Web) is an app for sharing fun videos between users, who in turn can upload pre-recorded content or start a live stream with someone else.

How to tag someone in TikTok videos

it is already possible tag a profile in TikTok videos. The feature is different from the well-known mentions, which add someone to your feed posts using that person’s username. In

How to teach TikTok what you want to watch

One of the highlights of TikTok is the For You tab, which includes suggestions for videos from different profiles, including those not followed by your account, based on your interests.

How to save TikTok videos

Want to save TikTok videos on your phone and don’t know how? The process, while simple, is not very intuitive. By the way, it is interesting that every user knows

How to remove TikTok watermark

Want to download a video but don’t know how remove TikTok watermark? This is a challenge for many users of the social network. That’s because, unlike Instagram, the platform has

How to delete a video from TikTok

Knowing how to delete a video from TikTok is extremely important, especially if you posted something unintentionally or wrongly. But if you don’t want to miss the content, don’t worry;

How to Put Google Voice on TikTok

Want to know how to put Google’s voice on TikTok? The process is quite simple and, although some believe it is necessary to use external apps, it is a native

How to download only TikTok audio

Here’s how to download TikTok audio to save to your phone. The platform has new content and often some challenge, dance or meme explodes and knowing how to have the

How to put the invite code on TikTok

When creating your account on the social network, it is useful to know how to put the code on TikTok. After linking the invitation code to another person on the

How to edit videos on TikTok

When it comes to editing videos, there are several functions available on TikTok that can be used very creatively. Nowadays, the social network is one of the biggest references in