How to Use symbols on Instagram

Instagram is the favorite social network of many users. Using symbols in the profile, such as in the name and bio, is a valid option to stand out and make

How to hide followers on Instagram

Social networks offer several privacy adjustments, but hiding followers on Instagram can be an especially challenging task. This is because, to date, there is no dedicated feature to restrict this

How to Add admin on Instagram

Knowing how to add admin on Instagram is an important step if you have a profile of any kind on the social network. Through this, it is possible to keep

How to poll on Instagram

Taking a poll on Instagram is a very old feature of the photo and video platform, and now it has undergone a beautiful redesign. Through Stories, it is possible to

How to Advertise on Instagram

If you want to increase your sales, know how to advertise on Instagram. After all, the platform is no longer just a social network, to become a real showcase. As

How to Create Reels on Instagram

Reels has become one of the main post formats on the social network and, since its launch, it receives new tools periodically. If you’re looking for a guide on how

How to block mentions on Instagram

Instagram (Android | iOS | Web) is a photo and video social network that offers a number of features and functions for you to interact with your friends and family.

How to remove photo tag on Instagram

Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) allows users to tag other friends in posts. When this occurs, the social network not only notifies the tagged account, but also displays the

How to get verified on Instagram

Get the Verification Seal Instagram is a goal for companies and digital influencers, until then the social network had not revealed in detail how the evaluation of submitted requests is

How to put text in Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels (Android l iOS l Web) emerged after the meteoric success of TikTok. The purpose of the new format was to increase competitiveness and attract the attention of users.

How to Zoom in Instagram Stories

Instagram (Android l iOS l Web) has long ceased to be just a social network. Through the app, users can create and edit posts from scratch. To create more dynamic

How to make Instagram highlight cover

Make Instagram highlight cover it is something that can be accomplished in a simpler way than it appears. That’s because numerous online and free image editing platforms have templates that

How to use Reels timer on Instagram

If you want to record videos for social media with more quality, you can use Reels Instagram timer. Once configured, it starts a countdown and automatically records the video for

How to remove online status on Instagram

Knowing how to take Instagram offline can be very useful when you have people bothering you on social media. That’s because being online doesn’t necessarily mean being available to respond

How to save Instagram videos

Today we’ll talk about how save videos from instagrama feature that allows you to keep content you liked always available, and with easy access, in case you want to watch

How to put link in Instagram bio

After all, how to put a link in the Instagram bio? The process is simple and can be very useful, especially for those who have business profiles on the platform.

How to change Instagram password

Knowing how to change your Instagram password can be crucial when it comes to security. As with other platforms, the photo social network stores a lot of personal data, and

How to temporarily disable Instagram

Temporarily deactivating Instagram can be the solution if you want to take a break from the social network, but don’t want to permanently delete your account. In this way, it

How to put music on Instagram

Putting music on Instagram is one of the many features available on the social network. It is possible to add musical excerpts in Stories, Reels or directly in the feed

How to enter Instagram via Facebook

Knowing how to enter Instagram via Facebook is an alternative for when you forget the password of the social network, for example. With Meta’s Account Center, you can create unified

How to delete an Instagram account

Tired of Stories, Feed, Reels and want to know how to delete your Instagram account? Luckily for you, the process is simple and quick. After some changes to the platform,

How to post on Instagram from PC

It is very important to know how to post on Instagram by PC. In the past, this was only possible using other programs (Later, mLabs or Postgrain) or through a

How to change name on Instagram

You are probably looking for how to change your name on Instagram, especially if you are tired of the current one, want to go back to one you used before

How to unlink Instagram from Facebook

Instagram and Facebook allow you to connect your accounts on both services, to facilitate the simultaneous sharing of the same content. However, it is possible to do the opposite way.

How to add best friends on Instagram

If you publish Stories often, it’s helpful to know how to add best friends on Instagram. The function, officially called “Close Friends”, allows the user to direct their posts to

How to recover Instagram password

Don’t know how to recover Instagram password? This is a common question among users. After all, for some time now, the process has become unnecessarily confusing. TikTok: how to recover

How to download videos from Instagram

Want to know how to download Instagram videos? The process, although simple, is not intuitive at all. After all, the social network doesn’t offer the function natively, unless you want

How to recover an Instagram account

It is important to know how to recover an Instagram account, either by forgetting your password or, in the worst case, someone has managed to hack and hack your account.

How to unblock someone on Instagram

Knowing how to unblock someone on Instagram can be quite interesting, especially if you regret doing it or simply managed to solve the problem with the person in question. How

How to repost on Instagram

If you’ve come to this article, you probably don’t know how to repost on Instagram. Lucky for you, the process is quite simple. And, for those unfamiliar with the social

How to copy text from Instagram

Understanding how to copy text from Instagram can be very important, especially since the social network does not allow users to do this natively – except in private messages, through

How to hide likes on Instagram

If you want to find out how to hide likes on Instagram, know that the social network offers different paths for this function. You can remove the number of likes

How to pin comments on Instagram

Want to know how to pin comments on Instagram? The feature, which arrived some time ago on the platform, is simple to use and available to everyone. The option appears

How to put highlights on Instagram

Want your Stories to be seen after 24 hours? In this case, it is worth knowing how to highlight on Instagram. This feature allows you to compile multiple Stories from