How to download videos from facebook

Want to know how to download videos from Facebook? In addition to Stories, the social network has an area dedicated to videos and recordings of live broadcasts. With the exception

How to keep Facebook up to date

It is important to know how to update Facebook on your mobile. Application updates fix bugs, make security fixes, and include new functions. Therefore, it is always worth using the

How to remove annoying ads on Facebook

Facebook knows more about your life than you think, even if you have discreet behaviour on the network. Mark Zuckerberg’s platform tracks all your browsing preferences. Everything you do determines

How to add an admin on Facebook page

With more than 2 billion active users worldwide, Facebook (Android | iOS | Web) can be considered one of the most used social networks today. Because of this, many companies

How to change Tinder photos

Tinder (Android | iOS) is a dating app that was created in 2012 and works based on geolocation. Through it, users can meet new people in their region, in order

How to put facebook in portuguese

Like other social networks, Facebook chooses by default the language of the country used in the user’s first registration. But that might not happen. learn to follow how to put

How to Create an avatar on Facebook

In recent years, several new features have arrived on Facebook, right? Nowadays, people can watch Lives, follow the news in real-time and even make donations. Here at Haanga, we have

How to use Facebook audio rooms

In the not-too-distant past, the Clubhouse served as the kick-off for several companies to launch a feature for creating voice chat rooms. Facebook is one of them, and this feature

Where is the Facebook Trash?

If you’ve accidentally deleted a Feed post, you’re probably wondering: where is it and how to access the recycle bin Facebook. The tool was developed to allow users to better

How to Recover Facebook Password

Do you need to recover your Facebook password? The process can be done either by mobile or by the web version of the platform. Incidentally, unlike many sites, the social

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

Want to turn Facebook black? If you’re a fan of dark mode, know that the process is quite simple. By the way, there are two possible ways: activate the application

How to Delete a Facebook Story

It’s helpful to know how to delete a Facebook Story. If you have posted content and need to remove it, this process can be done quickly in the app or

How to find facebook password

In case of forgetfulness, it is very important to know how to find out the Facebook password. As many devices end up storing login data, it is not uncommon for

How to download facebook lite

For those who want to use Facebook and have a cell phone with more modest settings, the recommendation is download facebook lite. It is the version of the social network

How to delete photos from facebook

It is important to know how to delete photos from Facebook, in case the user wants to remove something from their social network or even if someone else may have

How to delete facebook account

Want to know how to delete your Facebook account? The process can be quite complicated for those who are not familiar with the platform settings. And just like Instagram, the

How to delete a Facebook page

It is important to know how to delete a Facebook page, in case it has lost its usefulness or the user no longer wants to publish its content there. The

How to uninstall facebook

There are many reasons that can lead a person to uninstall facebook. Because I think the application consumes a lot of battery on the cell phone; to be interested in

How to save Facebook videos

Today we will talk about how to save Facebook videos. Sometimes we see a thumbnail of a video and we think we might like it, but we will only be

How to change facebook email

It can be quite useful to know how to change your Facebook email, especially if you’ve changed your current address, lost access to your old one, or just want to

How to disable comments on Facebook

Disabling Facebook comments is one of the privacy features that is available on the social network. On the timeline, your friends and other users can comment on posts from profiles

How to change facebook password

Knowing how to change your Facebook password is one of the most important resources to ensure the security of your account. It is advisable to make the change from time

How to create a Facebook page

If you want to promote your business, get customers or interact with other people with similar tastes, learn how to create a Facebook page, a process that can be done

How to block a person on facebook

We are not always surrounded by friends on social media. Then, how to block a person on facebook, for example? The measure is useful if you no longer want to

How to unfriend on facebook

Just like in offline life, it’s normal that sometimes you unfriend on Facebook. And the platform offers this possibility to exclude people from your circle of friends on the service.

How to delete facebook from mobile

Want to know how to delete Facebook from your cell phone and say goodbye to the social network for good? Lucky for you, the process is quite simple. But, unlike

How to disable Facebook Messenger

After all, how to disable Messenger? If you’ve deactivated Facebook and the messages keep coming, know that you need to do the process on both platforms. That’s because, even if

How to access Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the place where users of the social network can buy and sell products. The tool is built into the platform itself, but some people may not find

How to check in on Facebook

Checking in on Facebook is a very interesting thing, especially if you’ve visited a cool place and would like to share it with your friends. And the best part is

How to make ads on facebook

Making Facebook ads is one of the most common ways to boost a business, page, product or post on the social network. The platform even provides its own tool to