How to use Excel

Do you use Excel often? Microsoft’s spreadsheet program, like so many other services, has numerous features that make it easy to use. Given the number of shortcuts and features, it

How to install and use Chrome Extensions

The Google browser, although it is quite equipped, can have its functions expanded through the Chrome Extensions. Extensions, often created by third-party companies and made available on the Chrome Web

How to Play online on PS4 and PS5

One of the most fun things to do with your PlayStation console is playing online with friends (or strangers). For most games, you need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber,

How to Connect Deezer to Smart TV

Connecting Deezer to Smart TV is something that can be done extremely quickly and conveniently. The app, recently launched by the streaming service, allows users to access Flow, personalized playlists

How to Use MindMeister

MindMeister is a collaborative tool aimed at creating mind maps in a visual way. With a customizable interface, it allows the organization of brainstorming, meetings, and organizational charts, working as

How to Format Samsung Galaxy A21s

Launched in June 2020, the Samsung Galaxy A21s remains a mobile option with features of an intermediary for those who do not want or can spend a lot. Anyone who

How to Download Blocked Google Drive Videos

If you’ve been shared a folder that doesn’t allow downloading, you certainly want to know how to download blocked google drive videos. Although this is a somewhat complex procedure, know

How to Connect Disney Plus to TV

Connecting Disney Plus to the TV is a simple procedure. Like any other app, just search for it in your TV’s app store and put the platform to download on

How to Create a Google account

Knowing how to create a google account it is an extremely crucial process. With it, you can access any and all platforms in the company’s ecosystem, whether you’re a first-timer

How to Recover a Google account

Google Account brings together services like Gmail, Drive, Photos, YouTube and many others. However, it may happen that you forget your password and need to recover your google account. It

How to Unsubscribe from Crunchyroll

Decided to upgrade and test Crunchyroll Premium? In this case, knowing how to unsubscribe from Crunchyroll can be something practical for those who are taking advantage of the free trial

How to Edit video in InShot

See how to edit video in InShot, a very popular application, with a great rating on the Google Play Store and App Store. Perfect for content creators, the app has

How to change Caixa Tem email

Know how change Caixa Tem emailCaixa Econômica Federal application, is extremely important, because it is through it that the user will receive the Access Code to make any type of

How to exit incognito tab

Incognito mode is a feature present in major internet browsers. In addition to activating the function, it is also possible to exit the incognito tab if you want to access

How to format Infinix Hot 11S

Formatting Infinix Hot 11s can be a very useful solution in many situations. If the device has various problems such as slowness or crashes, restoring to system defaults should delete

How to Create a Calendar

Learn it how to make a calendar virtual, using Google and Microsoft Cloud systems to keep your day-to-day organized, without missing meetings or important dates, and view your day, week,

How to Recover Deleted Email from Gmail

Discover how to recover deleted emails from Gmail, can be a relief for those who were cleaning out their inbox — especially when we accidentally deleted something important. That’s because

How to Email Google Drive Files

Gmail allows sending files from Google Drive via email, using the attachments option on the platform. The tip can be especially useful if the document, photo, video, or file in question

How to Change the language in Snapchat

Changing the language in Snapchat is the most suitable alternative if the network application is not configured for the language. The change can be made directly in Snapchat for Android,

How to Share Folders in Google Drive

Share folders in Google Drive are one of the options available in Google’s cloud file service. You can choose who can access content, modify sharing permissions and allow other people

How to Save Files to Google Drive

There are a few ways to save files to Google Drive, both on the computer and in the application for Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones. Google allows you to

How to Login to Hotmail

If you want to know how to enter Hotmail, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. The process is simple and takes no more than a few minutes. In

How to Put the Invite Code in Kwai

It is necessary to know how to put the invitation code in the Kwai to participate in platform promotions and benefits. The short videos app allows you to earn money

How to Make Montage With Videos in Kwai

Kwai (Android l iOS) has released an editing feature that allows you to create dynamic montages with videos. The novelty comes to make life easier for the user, who only

How to Change Kwai ID

Want to know how to change Kwai’s ID? Fortunately, this can be done in just a few clicks. However, unlike TikTok, which allows you to access some account settings from

How to connect Alexa to all music services

You are configuring your Alexa? With more than 100 million devices connected worldwide, Amazon’s virtual assistant service has become increasingly popular. After all, it is very interesting to be able

7 Hidden Google Docs Tricks and Functions

Google Docs, like any other program, has some tricks and functions that every user should know. The main alternative service to Word, Docs offers a series of advantages restricted to

How to Delete Videos in Kwai

If you posted a video on Kwai and regretted it, know that you can easily delete it through the app. The short video social network, which has a format similar

How to thank the driver in Fortnite

Thanking the bus driver in Fortnite before jumping to start the matches ended up becoming an inside joke for players for a long time, until it was officially implemented in

How to Reset PS4 controller

Is your PlayStation 4 controller experiencing any connection issues? Can’t use the DualShock 4 on PC without accidentally turning on the video game? Here we separate what you should do

How to Calculate percentage in excel

Knowing how to calculate percentages in Excel can be extremely important in everyday life, especially if you are looking to better understand the relationship between certain data contained in a

How to enable chat to talk in Fortnite

As with most online games, Fortnite allows you to chat with other players using a microphone. Learn in the following tutorial how to talk in Fortnite and enable voice chat

How to Configure a Router

When you request the installation of broadband internet in your home, an employee of the telephone company does the whole process of configuring the modem, usually something standardized and that

How to download and play Your Capinha

Would you like to create and edit various custom phone case templates? With the mobile game Sua Capinha, developed by Crazy Labs, you can choose several different models to paint,

How to lock some Excel cells

The Excel spreadsheet editor, developed by Microsoft, offers several functions and features to its users. One of them is the option to lock some cells, so they cannot be edited

How to Record a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

With so many meetings and online classes through video conferencing apps, sometimes we end up missing an event. For this, some platforms have features such as recording the meeting. This

How to convert text to number in Excel

Microsoft Excel is playing an increasingly important role in the world of work and teaching. The powerful Redmond software allows you to manage spreadsheets, solve problems, draw graphs and process

How to Return Products on Shein

Bought an outfit or other product on Shein (Android | iOS | Web) and regretted it? The Chinese product shopping platform focused primarily on fashion has a return and refund

How to install Safari extensions on Mac

When talking about internet browser extensions, the subject refers a lot to Google Chrome and its wide range of application possibilities. However, since the beginning — or, more precisely, since

How to watch Darkflix on Smart TV

Darkflix (Android | iOS | Web) is the Brazilian streaming service created for fans of suspense, horror and fiction. The platform has 666 films and series divided into several subgenres,

How to disable Gmail sync on mobile

By default, Gmail (Android | Web | iOS) syncs emails from your inbox to all devices that are logged in with your Google Account. While this feature is quite interesting,

How to Publish an eBook on Amazon

Amazon, although known for having revolutionized e-commerce, also has important collaborations in other sectors, such as literary. Through the site, writers can sell digital books without bureaucracy and upfront costs.

How to put signature in Outlook

Outlook (Android | iOS | Web), formerly known as Hotmail, is a webmail platform that, among other features, offers integration with various services and platforms, such as Microsoft 365, Office

How to connect a Bluetooth keyboard on mobile

With desktop modes like Motorola’s Ready For and Samsung’s DeX starting to become more common, or with the maturing of tablet software, especially iPads, which are increasingly approaching computers, the

How to redeem codes on Free Fire

Free Fire (Android | iOS) is a Battle Royale-style shooting game by Garena where players have to face 49 other real players on an island until only one remains, usually

What is and how to use RecargaPay

RecargaPay (Android | iOS) is a digital wallet payment application. Through the app, you can pay bills, top up credits from different services, use Pix and transfer money with a

What is iFunny and how does it work?

Are your social media full of memes and comedy profiles? If so, maybe it’s time you got to know iFunny (Android l iOS l Web), an exclusive platform for memes.

How to unsubscribe from PlayStation Plus

Available since the seventh generation of consoles, on PlayStation 3, Plus is the system that Sony uses so that players can play the countless network games available on the platform

How to use incognito mode on mobile

Anonymous browsing in browsers is present in the versions for computers and mobile phones. With the mode activated, the application does not save browsing history and information filled in access

How to make a photo round in Canva

Canva (Android l iOS l Web) is an image and video editor that became popular for offering a wide range of resources for free, especially templates — which are, after

How to shop with Alexa

Alexa, in addition to helping with various daily tasks and being used for fun, can make shopping on Amazon easier. With a simple voice command, you can purchase products quickly.

How to group elements in Canva

Canva (Android | iOS | Web) is a free online editor that offers its users more than 50,000 types of customizable templates, such as logos, flyers, invitations, cards and even

How to use AirPods Audio Sharing

Introduced in late 2020 with iOS and iPadOS 14, Audio Sharing is a feature that makes it possible to listen on two different pairs of AirPods to the same media

Where is the CVV of the Nubank card?

Nubank (Android | iOS) is a Brazilian fintech created with the aim of making life as easy as possible for users, reducing traditional bureaucracy. When creating an account, a card

How to add emoji to photos with Canva

Canva (Android l iOS l Web) is a popular photo and video editor. In addition to being free, the program has numerous editing tools and creative templates. Among the numerous

How to Backup Gmail

Are you the type of person who likes to keep all your files organized and have a backup of everything, including your emails? With that in mind, Google has a

How to Enable Read Receipt in Outlook

Formerly known as Hotmail, Outlook (Android | iOS | Web) is an email platform developed by Microsoft that has integration and gives access to other company applications, such as Skype,

How to Adjust Kindle Brightness

Kindle users, Amazon’s famous e-reader, have numerous tools created to improve reading. In this vast list of options is the possibility of configuring the Kindle’s light. This function is available

How to resize images in Photoshop

Photoshop (Windows | macOS) is the famous image editing software developed by Adobe and has many advanced features for its users. If you need to resize the images you are

How to change name in Among Us

Among Us (PC | Switch | Android | iOS) is the InnerSloth phenomenon launched in 2018 achieving global success during the coronavirus pandemic, being the companion of many people around

How to create a challenge on Strava

Strava (Android | iOS) is a free app that became well known during the pandemic and aimed at athletes, whether amateurs or professionals. With it, it is possible to record

How to Group Objects in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a slideshow editor developed by Microsoft that offers its users numerous features and functions, one of which is the ability to group objects quickly and conveniently. How to

How to use Santander Way

Santander Way (Android l iOS) is Santander bank’s card management platform, which gives customers more control over their financial activities. Through it, it is possible to consult purchases in real

How to create a Mercado Pago account

Mercado Pago (Android | iOS | Web) is a platform belonging to Mercado Livre for online payments by bank slip, credit cards, current account debit and PIX. That is, the

How to Connect Deezer on Alexa

Do you want to connect and configure the Deezer service to Alexa? You can link your account to the app to define which music streaming service will be the default

How to find out if Xbox Live is down

The Xbox network, formerly known as Xbox Live, is the online service created by Microsoft and used in the Xbox ecosystem (Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10). Through

How to take a screenshot in CarPlay

Taking screenshots of our devices is already part of our daily lives, regardless of the device we are using, be it an iPhone, Mac, iPad, or even the small screen

How to use Google’s periodic table

Google has many useful tools and among them we highlight examples such as Google Calendar, Translate and Forms. This list even includes some less popular features — which, however, everyone

CS:GO | Learn how to set up a training CFG

In Counter Strike: Global Offensive, players can set up a training setup (CFG) to hone their skills in Valve’s Tactical FPS. The technique is ideal for escaping from standard practices

How to access the Nubank statement

Nubank (Android | iOS) offers several features for its users without bureaucracy. And, although there is no button to have direct access to your account statement, it is not complicated

How to enable Outlook message alert?

Outlook (Android | iOS | Web), formerly called Hotmail, is an email platform developed by Microsoft that gives users access to other company services such as Skype, OneDrive, Office Online,

How to track your parcel on Shein

If you’ve placed an order on Shein (Android | iOS | Web) and want to follow the path to you, it’s quite simple. The clothing and home products sales platform

How to activate Club Extra offers

Clube Extra (Android l iOS l Web) is a benefits program created by the Extra retail network that offers discounts at hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini-markets, gas stations, drugstores and, of course,

How to delete account on Reddit

Reddit (Android l iOS l Web) is a popular forum-based social network. The platform brings together the most varied content, which can be voted on by users. Through it, it

How to cancel Nubank credit card

If you need to cancel your Nubank credit card (Android | iOS) for any reason, such as controlling your finances in a more radical way, fintech offers you this possibility.

How to delete a Trello account

No longer using Trello services (Android | iOS | Web) and want to delete your account? You can do it in just a few steps. The platform, which has been

How to generate a DAS MEI ticket

If you are an individual or autonomous microentrepreneur and have MEI, you must have heard of DAS MEI. But what does this acronym actually mean? DAS is nothing more than

How to recover account password

The portal is used to unify access to the Federal Government’s digital services. With a single account, created using a CPF and password, it is possible to access documents

How to pay in installments on PicPay

Have the monthly bills arrived? The PicPay payment app (Android | iOS) allows you to pay credit card payments in up to 12 installments. In this way, the transaction is

How to share screen in Zoom Meetings

Learn how to share screen on zoom can be something extremely crucial in the day to day work. Especially for those who need to make video calls constantly and want

How to recover an old Snapchat

There are a few alternatives to recovering an old Snapchat if you lost your phone, forgot your password, or had problems with two-factor authentication. It is possible to reset the

How to create your own custom avatar

Guys, have you ever wanted to turn into an Emoji? Samsung allows the creation of your own personalized avatar through the Emoji AR feature available in several lines of the

How to make a boomerang

Capturing a moment and eternalizing it in a loop is something only boomerang images can do. Nowadays, most social networks allow you to create looping GIFs via the “boomerang” option.

How to put photo in Zoom Meetings

Figuring out how to put a profile picture in Zoom Meetings is the next step for anyone who is customizing the online meeting platform. After all, whether for personal or

How to see the result of Sisu 2022

Want to know how to see the result of Sisu 2022? On the 22nd, Inep released the individual bulletins and results of the Unified Selection System for the first half

How to Record a Zoom meeting

Knowing how to record a meeting in Zoom Meetings can be extremely crucial, even more so when you are teaching a class and want to make it available to your

How to mute or mute in Zoom Meetings

Before starting an online meeting, checking the quality of your microphone is very important, right? After all, whether in business meetings or online classes, having great audio quality during your

How to save Snapchat photos to gallery

In addition to posts that disappear after being viewed, Snapchat has a native feature to save photo from the app to the mobile gallery. This through “Memories”, if the image

How to increase PicPay transfer limit

To facilitate your transactions through the app, it is possible to increase the PicPay transfer limit. The payment platform has different payment limits for transfers via Pix, between PicPay accounts

How to create a Paramount+ account

Paramount+ (Android l iOS l Web) is a streaming platform that arrived in Latin America at the beginning of 2021. With a catalog full of unpublished productions, successful films and

How to log out of Gmail remotely

Gmail (Android | iOS | Web) is a webmail service developed and implemented by Google that offers a number of services and features to its users. However, if you ever

How to rate orders on iFood

iFood (Android l iOS l Web) is a delivery app that offers users the possibility of ordering meals or even grocery shopping. A good practice to know if an establishment

How to Use Star+

After a long wait and delay due to legal issues, Star+ has finally arrived! Disney’s platform is focused on more adult content and brings in its catalog titles from Marvel,

How to access my computer’s BIOS

As with everything in the tech world, if your computer still hasn’t had any problems, one day it may end up having problems and needing a deeper access to solve.

How to recover your Kwai account

Kwai (Android | iOS) is a video app that is very similar to TikTok and is very successful due to its cash bonus system. If you use the app and,

How to hide your online status on Reddit

Reddit (Android l iOS l Web) is a social network that, although not in the spotlight like Instagram, has thousands of followers. With a community-based structure — or forums, as

How to subscribe to DirecTV Go

DirecTV Go (Android | iOS | Web) is an IPTV service authorized by Anatel that was launched at the end of 2020. With it, it is possible to watch several

How to Pix in Magalu’s SuperApp

Pixing is the best way to ensure fast mobile transactions. Whether to pay, receive or transfer money, it is a simpler and more practical modality than a DOC or TED,

How to convert a document to PDF

Need to convert a document to PDF and don’t know how? There are numerous ways to carry out this process, and among them are conversion sites. Although this is an

How to make Android alarm read news

You don’t need a smart speaker to hear the day’s top news after your alarm. The Clock app (Android), from Google, has integration with the Google Assistant and can include

How to test your webcam

Due to the pandemic, there was a need to enter video calls with a certain frequency, both for the work meeting and for a conversation with friends at the end

How to Download HBO Max on PS4 and PS5

HBO Max (PC | Android | iOS) is the North American giant’s streaming service that takes content from the channel’s author, and from other companies through partnerships, to several people

How to save internet data with Star+

Star+ (Android | iOS | Web) is Disney’s newest streaming service and has a focus on a more “adult” audience. Acting in a complementary way to Disney+ (Android | iOS

How to put password on Google Play Store

The Play Store, in addition to concentrating all the apps, games and movies for devices with the Android system, has a series of resources, including Parental Control, so they can

How to save money in Nubank account

Nubank (Android | iOS) has several features to make life easier for users and try to reduce bureaucracy in banking solutions. Among them is the function of saving money in

How to draw tables in Photoshop

When it comes to heavy photo processing applications, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is Photoshop. What maybe a lot of people don’t know is that

How to use the Steam points system

Steam (PC | Android | iOS) is a ‘software’ created by Valve that allows the sale and management of digital rights in one place, known for the most affordable prices

How to use Tinder Gold

Tinder (Android | iOS) is a dating app that works using the geolocation of its users. Through it, it is possible to meet new people who live in your region,

How to change buttons in Free Fire

Free Fire (Android | iOS) is one of the biggest phenomena in recent years, attracting a legion of fans thanks to the wide variety of devices that can run Garena’s

How to Download Star+ on PS4 and PS5

Star+ (Android | iOS | Web) was launched in Brazil in August 2021. Disney’s streaming platform brings more adult content and without as many restrictions, as in Disney+ (Android |

What is Apple Pay and how to use it

Much has been said about the Apple Pay service in recent weeks, due to the recent introductions of Nubank and Digio digital banks into the system. But do you know

How to create a table in Canva

Canva (Android | iOS | Web) is a free and online editor that offers its users more than 50 thousand types of customizable templates, with which it is possible to

All what’s new in watchOS 8

The Apple Watch operating system has reached its newest updated version, watchOS 8, with a strong focus on improvements related mainly to the physical and mental health of its user.

How to block a driver on 99

Since March 2020, 99 (Android | iOS) has provided a function for passengers to block drivers. With this, users can avoid further races with the driver in question. The functionality

How to share screenshot on Gboard

Gboard (Android | iOS) is a virtual keyboard app developed by Google that offers a number of features and functions to its users. Through one of them, the platform is

How to edit Reels cover after posted

Reels is one of the most popular Instagram formats (Android l iOS l Web). Despite this, until recently the feature had a rather annoying problem: it was not possible to

How to request a duplicate Claro account

Who has never had to request a duplicate ticket? Depending on the service, this process can be quite bureaucratic and time-consuming. In order to make it easier for customers to

How to buy in installments on Shopee

Shopee (Android | iOS | Web) is one of the largest e-commerce platforms that stands out for the huge amount of products from sellers from around the world. Therefore, it

How to get a loan at Nubank

Nubank (Android l iOS l Web) announced in August 2021 a new feature that was starting to reach its customers: a loan that does not require bureaucracy. As a result,

How to write in color on discord

Discord (Android | iOS | Linux | Mac | Windows | Web) is one of the most popular voice apps right now, especially among gamers or companies that want to

How to schedule a Pix on Nubank

Nubank (Android | iOS) is a Brazilian financial institution that was created with the aim of reducing traditional bank bureaucracy and making life easier for users, offering options without maintenance

How to make a purchase on Pinterest

Pinterest (Android | iOS | Web) made the Shopping feature available for the Brazilian version of the app. In this way, it is possible to find products for sale on

How to use Game Reload

Garena has become one of the biggest names in the industry thanks to the popularity of its battle royale, Free Fire (Android | iOS), and works with an internal currency,

How to create tables in Evernote

Evernote (Android | iOS | Web | Desktop) was one of the first applications for editing notes outside that axis already dominated by programs like Microsoft Word and Notepad. It

How to use the My List feature on Star+

Similar to other streaming platforms, Star+ (Android | iOS | Web) also offers its subscribers the My List feature. Through it, you can add and control movies, series and even

How to put discount coupon on aiqfome

aiqfome (Android l iOS l Web) is a delivery application that has gradually gained space in the market. Focusing on smaller regions of the country, the app works similarly to

How to add a new device to Google Home

Google Home (Android | iOS) is an app that lets you control smart home devices, including speakers, lamps, speakers, thermostats, TVs, and many other Internet of Things (IoT) devices –

How to put GIF in CapCut

CapCut (Android l iOS) is a video editor that has attracted the attention of many Instagram and TikTok users. The program, which is entirely free, has a wide variety of

How to get prestige skins in LoL

League of Legends (PC | Android | iOS) carries several qualities that make the game attractive and keep a loyal audience for years. Constant events and a very well-built universe

How to post to a Twitter community

Twitter Communities (Android l iOS l web), launched in the first week of September, are a strong addition to the social network. The feature, which aims to bring together users

How to put effect on photos in InShot

InShot (Android l iOS) is a photo and video editor that, through a clean and simple interface, offers users numerous features and tools. The application has a free version that,

How to use Scribd

Scribd (Android | iOS) is a subscription service for books, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, and other text documents. The platform provides content on demand, has its own reader and even offers

How to delete an account in PUBG mobile

PUBG Mobile (Android | iOS) is the mobile version of battle royale released in 2016 by PUBG Corporation. The application hit stores two years later, impresses with its graphic quality

How to convert PDF files to Word

Chances are, there is a good chance that you have already received a PDF file that was wrong and, therefore, it was necessary to make some modifications. The only problem

How to block Tinder contacts

Through geolocation, Tinder users (Android | iOS) can meet people who live in their region to start a relationship or friendship. However, there are cases where it is possible to

How to unsubscribe from Star+

Star+ (Android | iOS | Web) is a streaming service that was launched August 31 in Brazil and works in a complementary way to Disney+ (Android | iOS | Web).

How to put Safari address bar on top

If iOS 15 brought a visual interface without major modifications, Safari was an exception. Apple decided to go radical with the browser by modifying the entire interface — which its

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV

Nintendo Switch can be connected to a television or monitor. One of the peculiarities that make the console a success that has sold around 90 million units is the hybrid

How to split purchases through Nubank?

Although the credit card is an excellent financial tool, Brazilians see it as a real villain. The reason is not unknown: the possibility of diluting the value of products makes

How to charge AirPods correctly

Apple’s Bluetooth headphones, AirPods, are as intuitive to use as they are to charge. However, some tips related to its charging mode can help users to better understand the average

How to resize an image in Canva

Canva (Android | iOS | Web) is an image editor that offers more than 50,000 customizable templates to its users. With them, you can create, online and for free, logos,

How to put effect on videos in InShot

InShot (Android l iOS) is a photo and video editor that has attracted many users by combining useful tools with an extremely intuitive interface. The program offers a free version

How to Download and Play Giant Rush!

Giant Rush! (Android | iOS) is a style expert casual game from TapNation that mixes puzzles with runners in order to collect as many characters as possible, make the avatar

How to join the Umatch app queue?

Umatch (Android l iOS l Web) is a dating app that runs away from the obvious and, as a result, moves away from Tinder and other similar platforms. The app

How to put picture on Google Meet profile

Since the beginning of 2020, many workers and students have had to migrate their daily journey to the virtual environment. Because of this, platforms such as Google Meet (Android |

How to play music on discord

Discord (Android | iOS | Linux | Mac | Windows | Web) is a program aimed at text and audio conversations. The platform has become very popular among streamers, but

How to put description on Tinder

Tinder (Android l iOS l Web) is one of the most popular dating apps today. Based on geolocation technology, the program was launched in 2012 with the aim of facilitating

How to see Google form responses

Google Forms is a free tool that serves to develop research, collect data and, in some cases, even carry out school and academic assessments. Although it has a clean look

How to edit your Paramount+ password

Paramount+ (Android l iOS l Web), launched in early March in Brazil, has attracted the attention of users who are looking for something new. After all, with the growth of

How to turn off AirPods

A curiosity about AirPods is that they don’t actually have an on or off button, neither on the headphones nor on the charging case. For this, they contain the H1

How to cancel Tinder Gold

Tinder (Android | iOS) is a relationship platform with which you can meet people in your region — through geolocation — to start a relationship, or even a friendship. How

How to download and play Sculpt People

Sculpt People (Android | iOS) is a game by Crazy Labs, a studio specializing in creating casual experiences for players. With offices in several countries, the company is a strong

How to turn an email into a PDF file

What’s the best way to save an important email? Many users turn to the mechanisms of the email services themselves, which allow messages to be highlighted and, in some cases,

How to group tabs in Microsoft Edge

After being revamped and re-launched in 2020, Microsoft Edge (Android | iOS | macOS | Windows) received a series of new functions aimed at improving user experience. Now, the browser

How to use Waze to find cheap fuel

With fuel prices soaring, it is natural to want to find more affordable prices and even promotions. If you have Waze (Android | iOS) installed on your device, did you

How to install printer driver

Having documents always at hand is always important, even in the current pandemic moment where many things are digitized. In this way, having a printer set up ends up being

How to remove photo background online

Need to remove image backgrounds but don’t want to download editing programs? It is possible to turn to websites dedicated exclusively to this task. The process is quite simple and,

How to use Xbox Cloud Gaming in Brazil

After a waiting period, Xbox Cloud Gaming, formerly known as Project xCloud, is finally available in Brazil — in beta — and can be accessed on PC or mobile (Android

How to change your Roblox username

Roblox (PC | Android | iOS) is a virtual universe created by Roblox Corporation where people can create and post their game on the platform for others to access, enjoy

How to block a contact in Messenger

Messenger (Android l iOS), although it is integrated with Facebook, has some features endowed with a certain “independence”. Among them is the function of blocking contacts. Few users know, but

How to download Play Store on mobile

Google Play Store is the store for Android phones where you can download apps and games, or buy and rent movies and digital books. The platform receives constant updates, but

How to use account management on PS5

It’s hard to find an electronic device these days that doesn’t offer account management and parental control features. And on the PlayStation 5 things are no different: the Sony console

How to upload photo to viber

Viber (Android l iOS l HarmonyOS l Desktop) is an instant messaging application that, although not as popular as WhatsApp, has recently surpassed the 1 billion download milestone on the

How to Lock Kindle Screen with Password

The Kindle, Amazon’s e-reader, became known for simulating reading on paper on a screen. But nowadays, offering a unique experience is not enough: you have to think about other user

How to unblock a contact in Messenger

Blocked someone on Messenger (Android l iOS) and want to talk to that person again? To do so, simply retrace the blocking activation path. But, in case you don’t remember

How to use Google Earth on computer

Google Earth (Android l iOS l Desktop l Web) is a software that presents a three-dimensional version of our planet. Launched in mid-2001, the program has undergone numerous changes and

How to access FaceTime on Android

The update to iOS 15 brought an interesting novelty to FaceTime (iOS), Apple’s video calling app. When creating a meeting, you can generate a shareable link that can be accessed

How to search for rooms in the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse (Android l iOS) audio app has seen a rapid rise. The proposal was not innovative, but it attracted many eyes, especially for its exclusivity — which brought together

How to block downloading videos on Kwai

Kwai (Android l iOS) is a video platform with a format similar to TikTok that has attracted the attention of users for its cash promotions. Over time, the applications have

How to send a video message in Slack

Slack (Android | iOS | Mac | Windows | Web) is a communication application widely used by companies for people and groups to communicate, and can also share tasks and

How to delete your Roblox user account

The virtual world created by Roblox Corporation, available for PC, Android, iOS and XBox enchants by allowing the community to expose their ideas and creativity so that everyone can participate

How to install an APK on Android

The official store for most Android devices is the Google Play Store. Through it, it is possible to get apps, games and their respective updates in a safe way. But

How to create a room in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile (Android | iOS) is one of the biggest titles in the industry, an excellent choice for gamers looking to compete against others and test their skills. As with

What is Notion and how does it work

Notion (Android l iOS l Web l Desktop) is an application focused on organizing tasks. Operating very similarly to Trello, the platform is ideal for personal use and team management,

How to add or remove friends on PS5

Sony has not only brought a new design to the PlayStation 5, it has also overhauled the console’s operating system interface. It’s a familiar experience for anyone who already owns

How to add shadow in Canva

Canva (Android | iOS | Web) is a free online image editor that offers its users over 50,000 customizable templates. Through them, it is possible to intuitively create flyers, invitations,

How to buy the TFT Season Pass

TFT (PC | Android | iOS), auto chess from Riot Games, uses the iconic characters and cosmetic lines to create the narrative of the season, but not only that the

How to Connect AirPods to Xbox One

While Microsoft doesn’t allow any kind of Bluetooth headset to be connected to its consoles, it is possible to connect Apple’s AirPods to the Xbox Series X or S, at

How to use FaceTime in your browser

iOS 15 arrived loaded with news and, with the update, some apps received a real store bath. One of the big names on this list is FaceTime (iOS), the company’s

How to use the Estapar Zona Azul app

Estapar Zona Azul (Android | iOS) is the official application for purchasing Zona Azul parking cards in the city of São Paulo. The platform displays real-time mapping of free or

How to download and play Beatstar

For rhythm game fans, Beatstar (Android | iOS) is the name of the game. With a simple interface and proposal, players can enjoy music of the moment or classics of

How to use iOS 15 SMS Filter

One of the great novelties of the Messages app in iOS 15, and especially for Brazilians, is the SMS Filter, or SMS Filter. This feature uses artificial intelligence to detect

How to add friends in Roblox

Playing on its own is a fun activity, but with friends it’s so much more. Roblox (Android | iOS | PC | XBox) allows players to add friends to engage

Kapwing: how to put subtitles on video

Currently, there are several ways to put subtitles on videos. And, although CapCut (Android l iOS) has attracted the attention of users for offering this possibility for free, some prefer

How to use Music Player offline music app

Music Player (Android) is a platform that, in addition to allowing users to listen to music offline, also offers a number of extra features such as creating playlists, recording and

How to use Pinterest

Created in 2009 by Ben Silbermann, Pinterest (Android | iOS | Web) is a photo-sharing social network that pleases the eyes of those who use images as a source of

How to fix Face ID issues

Face ID is one of the most advanced forms of biometric authentication on smartphones produced by Apple. The technology is present in several iPhone models and in all generations of

How to uninstall Microsoft Edge

O Microsoft Edge (Android l iOS l Desktop) is, alongside Google Chrome, one of the most used browsers today. But despite its high adherence, users may feel the need to

How to earn robux on roblox

roblox (PC | Android | iOS | XBox) is a virtual universe created by Roblox Corporation that allows the community to create interactive experiences and also for other users to

How to create and edit videos in Canva

Canva (Android l iOS l Web) is one of the most used editing platforms by content creators, especially those whose focus is Instagram. In addition to combining powerful features with

How to download and play High Heels

High Heels (Android | iOS) is a casual game by Zynga with the premise of walking down catwalks around the world, but of course it’s not that simple. Several obstacles

How does the TFT season pass work?

TFT (PC | Android | iOS) follows the market trend and invests in exclusive season pass content. Simply titled Pass+, Riot Games crafts auto chess cosmetics based on existing League

How to create video Memoji

Launched in September 2018, Memojis are animated filters that were among the main novelties of iOS 12, the operating system at the time the iPhones XR and X were released.

How to upload videos in DailyMotion

O DailyMotion (Android l iOS l Web) is one of the largest video platforms today and has as partners major communication vehicles such as Exame and TV Cultura. If you

How to put two videos side by side

Want to make a montage with videos and don’t know how? There are several ways to perform this editing and, of course, in different applications and programs. In this tutorial,

How to play Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales (Android | iOS) based on the Netflix series, taking players to Hawkings and the Upside Down, where they can see familiar faces and some exclusive news.

How to create ZIP file

A compressed file in ZIP format is a very interesting option to send several documents at once. In addition to compressing, this format also reduces the size of the final

How to open new songs in Beatstar

Beatstar (Android | iOS) is one of the biggest current phenomena for mobile, with different styles of music, pleasing many listeners. In addition, it stirs the nostalgia of Guitar Hero

How to recognize signature online

For a long time, the services offered by notaries were synonymous with a lot of bureaucracy. In addition to long lines, demanding an enormous amount of time, it was still

How to download UNO! for mobile

Everyone enjoys good fun, even better when we can share these moments with our friends. Several electronic games focus on delivering experiences to be enjoyed together and as the media

How to apply for a Nubank credit card

Nu Pagamentos SA (Android | iOS) helped popularize credit cards with no annual fee, but still requires future customers to have some minimum requirements to be approved. If you still

How to access Nubank account from PC

Nubank customers (Android l iOS l Web) can access their accounts both through the application and through the PC. The second option, although not the most popular, allows you to

How to create a game on Roblox

Creating an electronic game is no cakewalk, nor is it a cheap process. Some companies, however, have created ways to give tools to developers looking to express themselves. ROBLOX (PC

How to do voice searches in your browser

Over the years, several browsers have added voice search as an alternative to using a keyboard, whether physical or virtual. In fact, this is a much-needed alternative, after all, voice

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers a series of benefits for R$9.90 per month or R$89.90 per year. Subscribers have access to Prime Video and Amazon Music streaming

What is iOS? understand the meaning

The launch of the first iPhone, on July 29, 2007, unveiled to the world a smart phone totally focused on the user experience – together with the revolutionary technology of

How to free up space in Gmail

Gmail (Android | iOS | Web) has become synonymous with email for many people. And it’s no wonder: the utility is part of Google’s gigantic offer of services, which only

How to find the RG number by CPF

The Government offers citizens increasingly easy ways to access their data through the internet, with a single registration for several platforms. With this unification it is possible to find out

How to change Google Translate voice

Google Translate (Android l iOS l Web) is an excellent tool for translating texts, but not only that: through it, it is also possible to understand the correct pronunciation of

How to make a form on Google

Google offers several products and services to users and among them is Google Forms, which allows you to create forms for free. The platform is quite complete, with a high

How to put emojis on discord

Your Discord conversations (Android | iOS | Linux | Mac | Windows | Web) can be personalized with your own emojis. The platform allows you to insert up to 50

How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon Prime Video (Android | iOS | Web) is the streaming platform for movies and series included in the Amazon Prime subscription. And like any virtual service, you can cancel

How to clear Clash of Clans chat

Clash of Clans (Android | iOS) is a strategy game with tower defense where the player can be part of a clan and chat with players through chat. If a

How to know my number?

Finding the cell phone number is a simple task and can be done either by accessing the operating system settings or by calling the operator. See below how to know

How to sell on Mercado Livre

A few years ago, selling a product over the internet seemed an extremely distant reality. Now, with new tools and practicalities, selling on Mercado Livre (Android | iOS | Web)

How to ban a user from Discord server

Discord (PC | Android | iOS) is a place where users can create communities and interact with participants via messages or calls. It is a controlled space, where you can

How to Reset a Samsung Smart TV

Want to get rid of your Samsung Smart TV? Before passing the device on to someone or selling it on the internet, it is important to reset it — a

How to create a poll on Twitch

Twitch (Web | Android | iOS) allows people to create content and interact with their community in real time through the system’s features, one of which is polls. Want to

How to make a resume in Word

When putting together your professional resume, it is worth using Microsoft Word (Android | iOS | macOS | Windows). The software provides a collection of customizable resume templates, so you

How to use Rappi Credits

Rappi Credits are a virtual currency created by the Rappi app (Android | iOS). Each Credit corresponds to BRL 1 and these amounts can be used for discounts on shipping

How to access and use Netflix Games

Netflix (Android | iOS | Web) is now no longer a streaming-only service. The company launched Netflix Games, with titles to play on smartphones. See below how to access and

How to Enable or Disable 5G on Android

Currently, many phones are already being launched in the Brazilian market with 5G, but the technology is not yet available in the country — the start of the implementation is

How to change teams in Pokemon GO

In addition to catching Pokémon, battling Team Rocket, and exchanging gifts with friends, Pokemon GO allows players to team up into three different teams: Instinct (yellow), Wisdom (blue), or Valor

How to set up Google Nest Mini

Google has a number of smart products for your home for sale, such as the smart speakers from the Google Nest line (formerly known as Google Home). If you’ve purchased

How AirPods Ambient Mode Works

Even with the release of the 3rd generation of AirPods, the Noise Canceling and Ambient Mode features are still unique to the AirPods Pro and Max models. But what exactly

How to Delete a Website in Safari History

Instead of clearing all your Safari browsing history from your device, did you know that you can delete a specific access? Through the resource’s search field, you can locate one

How to submit a Waze location

Waze (Android | iOS | Web) lets you share a location or route quickly. The navigation platform provides the mobile sharing feature, in case you need to send it to

Which Siri commands work without internet?

Another novelty introduced in iOS 15: now, Siri can identify some commands without your iPhone being connected to the internet. In this way, with the new system, Apple’s intelligent virtual

How to update the GoPro

Currently, almost everything has system updates. In addition to cell phones, even cars receive new versions of software. So, it is not surprising that even cameras bring news and other

What is and how to use HomeKit

HomeKit is a technology from Apple that allows your gadgets to communicate with smart devices connected in a home, whether it’s a lamp, an air conditioner or even a door

How to Copy Open Tab URLs in Safari

Safari introduced with the new iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey has been revamped in many ways, as well as bringing new functionality to the browser. One of

How to unsubscribe from Discovery+

If you subscribed to Discovery+ (Android | iOS | Web), but regretted it, or just wanted to try the seven-day no-obligation free trial, know that you can quickly and conveniently

When will the next iOS update be?

If you’re a person used to following Apple’s releases, you know that it annually delivers a major update to the iOS. Currently at version 15, the operating system for iPhones

How to cancel Discord Nitro

O discord Nitro is a turbocharged version of discord (Android | iOS | Linux | Mac | Windows | Web), instant communication platform popular among gamers. Among the main advantages

How to use Vimeo video templates

vimeo (Android | iOS | Web) is a video hosting platform, but it also offers a tool for professional editing of multimedia content. And in today’s article, you will learn

How to record audio from a 99 race

99 (Android l iOS) has invested heavily in security measures to protect its users. Among the features adopted by the company is the option to record race audio that can

How to recover a Google Play Games account

Google Play Games (Android) is a platform from the tech giant where players can find titles, challenge friends and perform achievements and win prizes. You can also record your favorite

How to check the AirTag firmware version

AirTag firmware updates incorporate the protocol changes Apple makes regarding the company’s Bluetooth tracker settings. For example, previously, the device would beep after logging three days away from the user,

How to Change or Recover Gmail Password

Gmail, created by Google in 2004, is one of the main services today, allowing connection to various features of the platform, such as Drive and YouTube, in addition to facilitating

OLX | How to avoid scams on the platform?

OLX has been gaining popularity for a long time because of its informal sales functions, between two people, without third party involvement. But with that freedom, come the blows too.

How to Enable or Disable Laptop Microphone

There are numerous situations in which it is necessary to activate or deactivate the notebook microphone, especially when it comes to security. There are cases where some malware can take

Learn how to take screenshot on PC

Taking an image or taking a screenshot of the PC screen is a process that does not have many mysteries and can be done through keyboard shortcuts and software already

What is and how to use Nubank Shopping

Nubank (Android | iOS) provided a shopping area in the app itself. Called “Shopping”, the function brings exclusive offers, coupons and discounts from partner stores to the bank’s customers. In

How to download Garena advanced server

O Free Fire (Android | iOS), Garena’s battle royale, is constantly updated, with big news such as events, buffs or nerfs on weapons, items and bug fixes. Before reaching the

How to make a digital job card online

Since 2019, the digital workbook has replaced the physical version through a dedicated app. With this, the issuance of the document in its original form was suspended and the process

How to pay the late MEI in installments

Important tip for those who are Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI): if you have delayed the payment of your National Simple Collection Document (DAS), it is possible to pay your debt in

How to buy on AliExpress

Want to buy at AliExpress and don’t feel safe? The Chinese sales site, which is owned by the company Alibaba, became known for its low prices. Despite its popularity, the

How to play Mega da Virada online

Mega da Virada is a true end-of-year event for many Brazilians. What many do not know, however, is that it is possible play at Mega da Virada onlineon the Caixa

How to sell on iFood

The delivery application has a specific system for people looking to sell by iFood. The process to become a partner is relatively simple. Follow how to sell through iFood, becoming

How to use Android navigation gestures

Use Android Navigation Gestures is one of the native features of Google’s operating system since the Android 9.0 Pie version. With the option, you can navigate the software without having

How to cancel Nonstop

Sem Parar is an automatic payment method, making life easier for the driver when passing through stops, such as tolls or parking lots. Being unhappy, or using little, you may

How to open an online account at Bradesco

Currently, many banking procedures can be done directly on the cell phone, for example, open an online account at Bradesco. Something that previously could seem quite bureaucratic and needed to

How to reset Google Nest Mini

If your Google device is not responding properly, see how to reset google nest minia very quick process that allows the user to reset the device to its factory settings.

How to enable Gmail 2-Step Verification

Two-step verification emerged as an extra layer of security and quickly became indispensable, especially on platforms like Gmail. While some classify it as “optional”, the blunt truth is that without

How to embed a video on Twitter

To share a video on Twitter without the original caption, you need to know how to embed a video on Twitter. The process is very simple, and you will give

How to redeem and use PayPal coupon

There’s nothing better than getting a coupon to spend however you want. PayPal is a digital wallet that time and again distributes promotional coupons over the internet, or sends them

How to Add New Fonts in Photoshop

To further diversify your creations, it is interesting to add new fonts in Photoshop. However, this procedure may seem a bit unusual, since it doesn’t have to be done through

How to log out of Outlook for mobile

Microsoft’s service allows you to organize your emails and access your calendar from wherever you are through the cloud connection, but if you want to leave Outlook for mobile, we’ll

How to remove watermark from videos

It is not necessary to install a program on your computer to remove watermark from videos. Tools like Apowersoft Online Video Watermark Remover perform this task through the browser and

How to increase FPS in CS:GO

In shooting games, whatever advantage you have over your opponent is better — as long as it’s fair and official, of course. One of the ways to improve your performance

How to schedule orders on iFood

iFood has a series of features aimed at practicality and, among them, is the possibility of scheduling orders on the platform. The feature is not available under any circumstances, as

How to see deleted Chrome history on mobile

It’s possible recover your deleted browsing history from Google Chrome. Even after deleting the accesses in your browser, the websites visited are still displayed in Google’s My Activity tab and

How to cancel a reservation on Airbnb

know how cancel a reservation on Airbnb in case something unforeseen happens that forces you to do so. The time the user has to cancel their reservation varies depending on

How to Use Google Lens in Chrome for PC

Although it is a dedicated mobile app, you can use Google Lens in Chrome for PC. Through image recognition and artificial intelligence, the platform allows you to identify people, animals,

How to delete a Google account

if you already tried delete a google account, it is possible that you have encountered some rocks on the way. The process is certainly not the most intuitive, but before

How to change the monitor resolution

When setting up a new computer or monitor, adjusting the screen resolution is one of the most important things, right? After all, nowadays, there are even monitors with a curved

How to get coupon on iFood

When it hits that form sometimes a discount can save a lot when placing an order. Look how to get coupon on iFood and enjoy your food while giving your

How to uninstall Opera browser

In this tutorial you will learn how to how to uninstall browser Opera from your computer or cell phone. Whether you want to switch to another browser or want to

How to put GIF in Discord profile

One of the best social platforms, users have a wide range of customization, including placing GIFs on the user’s profile. discord giving a personal and animated touch to your profile

How to uninstall an Office update

Uninstalling an Office (Microsoft 365) update is something that can be done quickly and conveniently. It is not uncommon for the Microsoft platform to receive patches correction; but, in certain

How to track a lost or stolen cell phone

It is extremely important to know how to track a lost or stolen cell phone. Over time, they have become everyday essentials, containing important information such as contacts, photos, passwords,

How to use Xiaomi Cloud Cloud Storage

Xiaomi Cloud, also known as Mi Cloud, is a cloud storage service present in Xiaomi cell phones. It is a native function of MIUI with options to backup photos, messages,

How to save a Google search to see later

Do you do a lot of research on the internet? Every day thousands of people are searching and discovering new information on Google. According to the website Internet Live Stats,

How to disable notifications on Android

With so many apps installed, frequent notifications can disrupt your concentration and take up space on your Android screen. In this case, turning off phone notifications can be an interesting

How to put password in word document

At certain times, it is strictly crucial to know how to put password in word. It’s not uncommon for content to be extremely important, confidential, personal, and definitely not in

How to disable Google Assistant

For disable Google Assistant on Android, it is necessary to access the settings of the Google application, natively installed on the device. The operating system allows you to disable all

How to see hidden apps on Android phone

Hidden apps are part of a feature present in different interfaces of Android phones, such as Samsung’s One UI and Xiaomi’s MIUI. This function allows you to hide the icon