How to Add Subtitles on Globoplay

Knowing how to put subtitles on Globoplay can be interesting for you who like to watch movies, series and soap operas in the original language. However, it is important to

How to Change GloboPlay Email

GloboPlay (Android | iOS | Web) is Grupo Globo’s own streaming service and has a lot of its collection, such as soap operas, newspapers, programs and live broadcasts, in addition

How to Create a Profile on Globoplay

on Globoplay, creating profiles for your family is a great way to share the streaming service. There you can check out several soap operas, national and international series, as well

How to Watch TV Globo Live on Globoplay

Globoplay allows all users, whether they are subscribers or not, to watch TV Globo live online for free. The broadcaster’s open channel signal can be broadcast through the streaming service’s

How to Change the Globoplay Plan

how to change the Globoplay plan if you want to access more content through the TV Globo streaming platform or if you need to control expenses. With many options available,

How to Change the Password of Globoplay

It is possible to change the Globoplay password by accessing the Globo streaming service settings. The measure is interesting if you have forgotten your security combination or want to prevent

How to cancel Globoplay

There may be many doubts about How to cancel Globoplay. After all, the procedure is a little different on mobile compared to cancelling on the computer, since the subscription is

How to download videos from Globoplay

After all, how to download videos from Globoplay? Like other streaming platforms, the service allows users to watch content offline. Undoubtedly, this is a very useful feature. But, unfortunately, its

How to Download Globoplay on TV

Knowing how to download Globoplay on TV can be extremely interesting, even more so if you prefer to consume movies, series and soap operas on a larger screen — especially