How to Enable location on iPhone

Location Services work on the iOS system and applications by accessing GPS technology to know where your device is, in order to provide you with personalized features and advertisements. If

How to Update all apps at once

Discover how to update all apps at once, it can be very practical. After all, daily several apps are updated with corrections and news through the app stores. However, updating

How to Add Passcode on iPhone Apps

With all of our digital life embedded in smart devices, the loss or theft of a smartphone can pose danger due to data exposure. What few people know is that

How to Change Photo Name on iPhone

If you often upload photos to iCloud Drive, you may have noticed that images are given a default nomenclature from the smartphone’s operating system or from the settings of a

How to Find stolen iPhone

Users who are concerned about the exposure of their information and personal data can search for ways to how to catch stolen iphone. After all, it is important that the

How to Add App Shortcuts on iPhone Screen

The iPhone Health app brings together several interesting features for those looking to improve their quality of life. Among its main features, such as weight monitoring and heart rate control

How to put iPhone on vibrate mode

Since its first generation, the iPhone has had a small key on the left side of the device. When activating it forward, the device plays ringing sounds when receiving calls

How to Create ZIP Files on iPhone

There are many reasons that justify the idea of ​​compressing and compressing files on your iPhone. In addition to relieving the use of free storage space on your device —

How to put SIM card on iPhone

Whether to put a SIM card (official nomenclature of the chip from your telephone operator) for the first time in an iPhone, change the current one on your device or

How to disable location of your photos on iPhone

The iPhone’s media geolocation feature is essential to help with both the location-specific search for photos and the iOS Photos app’s memory functionality. However, sending photos from your iPhone’s camera

How to Mirror iPhone Screen to TV

Among the various features natively existing in the iOS Control Center, the AirPlay feature makes it possible to mirror the iPhone screen on the television, whether it is a Smart

How to put music on iPhone alarm

The Clock app allows the user to put music on the iPhone’s alarm as an alternative to the default ringtones built into iOS. This is a great solution for those

How to change iPhone passcode

It goes without saying that the lock code is essential to ensure the security and privacy of your data stored on your iPhone. Although nowadays Face ID solves the quick

How to add SUS card to iPhone Wallet

The iOS Wallet makes it very convenient for the user to store airline tickets, movie or theater tickets, credit or debit cards registered with Apple Pay, vouchers for lodging in

How to Use iPhone Camera QR Code Reader

The QR Code is a type of barcode that facilitates sending information and data to smartphones through the device’s camera. Reading carries with it letters, numbers and symbols that can

How to Change FaceTime Caller ID on iPhone

For a long time, FaceTime was an application designed to facilitate communication between two or more people, family and friends, using the iPhone’s voice and video features. Since iOS 15,

How to update apps on iPhone

iPhone app updates are important to fix performance issues, improve security. make available the latest features and functions. How to add SUS card to iPhone Wallet How to Use iPhone

How to Customize iPhone Home Screen

Although it is not as malleable as an Android device, anyone who thinks that the iPhone does not allow you to customize the iOS home screen is wrong. Currently, Apple’s

How to Save a Note on iPhone as PDF

Notes is a very useful application for making quick notes and also versatile, allowing the user to create simple notes or even insert titles, tables, tags and others. Also, it

How to Update iPhone to iOS 15

Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple’s mobile phone has had its own operating system developed by the company, the iconic iOS. Still called “iPhone OS” during

How to delete apps on iPhone

One of the worst adversities when using a cell phone is noticing that it is running out of storage space available for use at times when you need it most

How to change screen active time on iPhone

Have you ever experienced the feeling of your iPhone screen turning off really fast while you’re reading a text or texting? This happens, by default, every 30 seconds, time determined

How to unlock a contact on iPhone

For various reasons, it is common for phone numbers to be blocked to avoid receiving your calls and SMS messages. However, in case you regret it, the only way to

How to add Deezer widget on iPhone

Deezer, the famous music and podcast streaming platform, has features that can greatly improve the experience of its users. In addition to allowing you to download songs, playlists and podcasts,

How to Make Gmail Default on iPhone

Since iOS 14, iPhone not only allows you to change the device’s default web browser, but also the default email app — as long as your email provider’s developers make

How to Use Countdown on iPhone

The Clock app, native to iOS, is much more complete than you might think. In addition to its main function as a clock — bringing information from different time zones

How to disable silent call on iPhone

There is a huge variety of situations in which it is important to have your cell phone available to receive any calls from unknown numbers. As much as, nowadays, many

How to Download Apps on iPhone and iPad

Communication and social networking apps, online and interactive games with friends, health apps, utility and productivity tools, streaming service platforms, and much more — the multitude of application possibilities that

How to use Personal Hotspot on iPhone

There are numerous situations in which you may need to share and “lend” your internet to someone, so that the person can consume your plan’s internet data through their device,

How to use the iPhone dictionary

Finding out the meaning of words on a smartphone is quite simple, isn’t it? Just do a Google search or download an app that simulates a dictionary. But did you

How to use iPhone Sleep Mode

Focus Mode, introduced in the iOS 15 update, brought new features to Do Not Disturb Mode with usage specifications such as Work, Sleep, Exercise, Personal modes, Do Not Disturb itself,

How to Use Work Mode on iPhone

As one of the great innovations introduced with iOS 15, Focus Mode has revamped features that previously existed on the iPhone, such as Sleep and Do Not Disturb modes, but

How to Locate a Person on iPhone

If you need to track the location of people and objects in real time, the Finder app is the perfect solution for the task. It is able to track Apple

How to Use iPhone Exercise Mode

iOS 15’s new Focus Mode has brought a particularly interesting innovation to exercisers: Exercise Mode. By configuring it on your iPhone, you will be able to select which people can

How to put photos in iPhone contacts

By inserting photos into your iPhone contacts, identification becomes much faster when you receive calls, especially depending on how the person’s name is recorded in the Contacts app on your

How to use the Translate app on iPhone

The Translate app, as its name suggests, is a facilitator of understanding the meaning of words and phrases in different languages. The application allows the translation of 11 languages, which

How to record phone calls on iPhone

When working with phone calls, a lot of important information can end up being forgotten if it is not properly written down at the right time. For this reason, given

How to make widgets colorful on iPhone

With the arrival of widgets in iOS 14 in 2020, many interesting shortcuts also came, right? After all, this feature that is still “recent” in the system has made life

How to Use Siri Without Internet on iPhone

If you’ve ever tried to activate Siri without an internet connection on your iPhone, you’ve come across the frustrating warning that the virtual assistant was unavailable at that time. With

How to Reduce Motion on iPhone Screen

The movements on the iPhone screen are responsible for the fluidity of interactions with the system interface, whether triggering multitasking, opening an application, among other actions. However, this is a

How to clean iPhone charger port

Since the release of the iPhone 5 in September 2013, the iPhone charger input has changed to the Lightning connector. With a much smaller input than previous iPhone models, this

How to put passcode on iPhone

As practical as it is to take your iPhone in hand and start using it without having to unlock a password, unfortunately, this method of use is definitely not safe

How to Lock a Lost or Stolen iPhone

When you lose or have your iPhone stolen, it is imperative that you lock it down immediately or as soon as possible, in order to avoid exposing personal information and

How to Download and Save PDF on iPhone

The Files app, native to iOS devices, works as a storage for documents and files in general, organized by system and application folders. By downloading PDF documents from your internet

How to Clean iPhone and iPad Properly

Keeping your iPhone or iPad clean, in addition to improving usability on the device’s touch screen, is inevitably linked to your own hygiene, and can help prevent diseases, as they

How to Reset iPhone and iPad

Although this is an unusual situation, it can happen that a system crash, potentially caused by an application, can cause your iPhone or iPad to crash. Very calm at this

How to Disable Live Text on iPhone

Live Text, or Live Text, is an amazing feature released in iOS 15 that facilitates the recognition of text in a photo, image or by the iPhone camera, allowing the

Where is the iPhone Recycle Bin?

Have you ever wondered where the apps and files that we delete on the iPhone go? As it does not have specific recycle bin software to store temporary files, as

How to Use iPhone AirPlay on Mac

AirPlay is a feature that makes it easy to stream content from your iPhone screen directly to a compatible Apple TV or Smart TV, without needing cables or apps. Now,

How to access the iPhone Privacy Report

O App Privacy Reportor App Privacy Report, is a feature in iOS 15.2 that provides greater user transparency by revealing what personal information provided is being tracked by apps and

5 Extensions to Use in iPhone Safari

iOS 15 introduced users to a Safari renewed and with many new features — among them, the possibility to install extensions in the browser. A long-time popular feature on desktops,

How to put animated wallpaper on iPhone

Personalizing iPhone with wallpapers, or wallpapers, is no secret for most users. However, what few people know is that Apple’s smartphone allows you to insert animations as home and lock

How to Edit and Customize iPhone Widgets

An amazing new feature in iOS 14, widgets allow you to customize your iPhone’s home screen, transforming it and giving it more personality. In addition to the native ones already

How to Disable iPhone Camera Night Mode

By default, Night mode is a feature automatically activated by the iPhone’s camera to enhance the device’s sensor. Thus, it becomes able to capture more natural colors and reduce image

How to Charge iPhone Properly

Charging the iPhone can be a pretty obvious topic for many users; after all, just plug the device into a compatible cable and stick it into a charger or a

How to set up your new iPhone

Setting up a new iPhone may seem like a simple process, after all, just go through a few setup steps to start using the device. However, some problems arise: how

How to record audio on iPhone

Making audio recordings in an environment is an easy task for an iPhone. Through the Recorder app, native to iOS, you can use your smartphone as a portable device to

How to use iPhone 13 Cinema Mode

Cinema Mode is a feature present on iPhone 13 cameras that simulates cinema image capture. With it, you can use your smartphone to make deep recordings — characteristic of a

How to Enable Breakup Alerts on iPhone

Thanks to AirTags, a new feature has been added to the Finder app with iOS 15: separation alerts. With this feature enabled, you will receive notifications when any device linked

How to turn iPhone into a digital wallet

Gone are the days when physical wallets were predominant in society and forced people to carry various documents, cards and printed money. Now, you can easily access most of these

How to Get iPhone Emoji on Android

Know how to have iPhone emoji on android could be something very interesting. As the iOS on-screen keyboard is quite popular, chances are you’ll want to use the famous icons

How to see iPhone battery level

One of the things we are most connected to the iPhone throughout the day is its battery level, after all, we always calculate how much we will still need for

How to reset iPhone

Formatting and resetting the iPhone can be very useful in some situations, the most common of which is the eventual sale of your used device. As the restore returns the

How to Update iOS on an Old iPhone

If you want to update iOS from an old iPhone, you need to understand how Apple devices software update policy works. Traditionally, a new version of the operating system is

How to track iPhone turned off

Available from iOS 15 update to iPhone 11 generation and beyond, there’s an extra security feature that keeps your iPhone findable through iOS’s native Find My app, even if it’s

How to hide apps on iPhone

If you want to hide apps on iPhone, you may need it for two purposes: to have more privacy and organization. This happens because every downloaded app is included in

How to Disable WhatsApp backup on iPhone

Many users may receive constant iCloud alerts regarding low storage availability to save data in the cloud. One of the solutions to solve the problem is to disable the automatic

How to Make WhatsApp Stickers on iPhone

There are many apps available for iPhone that give the user tools to make stickers and import them into WhatsApp. In addition to making your conversations more fun and personalized,

How to turn off iPhone

Even if only in occasional situations, turning off the iPhone can be useful to clear the accumulated general cache, get rid of a bug in the system, or when taking

How to measure decibels on iPhone

If you tend to listen to music that is too loud in your headphones, you should be concerned about the sound levels starting to get dangerous for your hearing. And

How to Record iPhone screen

You can record the iPhone screen easily to capture the content of apps, games, and other features available for the iPhone. iOS. Although it is a native feature, however, some