How to Find a lost Apple Watch

The Apple ecosystem has countless interconnected wonders, but the most important is managing your devices connected to the same iCloud account. Through the Find My app — native to iOS,

How to Use the Apple Watch flashlight

A curious feature of the Apple Watch that few users actually use is the flashlight, native to watchOS and accessed through the device’s Control Center. The feature provides three different

How to Open Apps on Apple Watch

Some of the recurring questions for first Apple Watch users are about how to open an app on the smartwatch and whether it is necessary to download the watchOS version

How to Backup Apple Watch

Backing up your Apple Watch is the best way to ensure that the data on your smartwatch is backed up. So you can redeem them whenever the need arises, in

How to choose Apple Watch shortcuts

The Shortcuts app, native to iPhone, iPad and Mac, collaborates a lot with the user to facilitate routine day-to-day tasks. There are countless possibilities of combinations for certain purposes, whether

How to Update ECG on Apple Watch

Since the watchOS 5 system, the models of Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 and 7 generations can perform electrocardiogram (ECG) exams through the device on their wrist. Naturally, however,

How to unlock Apple Watch

For a number of reasons such as security of personal data and activation of internal features, automatic blocking of Apple Watch is widely used by users. And to unlock it,

How to Update an Apple Watch

Just like the iPhone, Mac and iPad, the Apple Watch also has its own Apple operating system, watchOS, which in turn also needs to be properly updated from time to

How to reset an Apple Watch

In very specific situations, such as when using many apps at the same time, your Apple Watch go through some failures in its operation, such as resetting the display of

How to pay using Apple Watch

Want more convenience than paying by approach with your Apple Watch? With Apple Pay configured on your smart watch, you don’t have to take your credit or debit card out

How to charge an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has a different charger from all other Apple devices, which is something natural after all, because of its product category and its design. To recharge the watch,

How to Pair an Apple Watch

Over time, the Apple Watch has become one of the most popular products in the segment of type devices. wearable. And in order to access its data and configure it