How to choose which metrics will appear during a workout in Apple Watch

Apple Watch SE improves with each new edition to deliver more features to its user. In this sense, the Exercises application follows the evolution of the device, improving its range of physical activities that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

To make your workout experience even more personalized, why not customize the activity metrics that appear on your smartwatch? If you regularly cycle outdoors, you can see more information on the screen such as your current speed, total calories, surface elevation, and more.

In addition, you can also remove metrics that you don’t consider so relevant to track during physical activity (and add new metrics). On the smartwatch, if you want to have more control over the data that appears in your physical activity, just turn the Digital Crown to highlight a selected metric.

See below for how to customize the metrics that appear on your Apple Watch during a workout.

Choosing exercise metrics

Step 1: on the iPhone paired with the Apple Watch, open the Watch app. Then go to “Exercise” in the “My Watch” tab.

Step 2: tap “Preview”.

Step 3: Choose the exercise you want to edit the available metrics and add new ones.

Step 4: tap “Edit” to remove a metric and/or add a new one.

Note that you can also change the position of each exercise metric by moving them by pressing the three-dash button.

Step 5: when finishing the adjustments, tap “OK”.

Ready! It is worth mentioning that not all exercises have new metrics to be included. However, you can still change which ones you want to view and their positions. Good exercise!

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