3 days Social networks How to create folders with TikTok favorite videos

Do you also love following TikTok trends? Did you know that you can now save your favorite videos in folders? This makes it a lot easier to find that funny video to show your friends, or even to watch and practice a choreography!

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But because it is new, the function to create folders may not be available to everyone. It’s just that TikTok usually releases news in a different way than other platforms, so it may not have arrived for you yet.

In this case, the tip is to keep an eye on the new updates that arrive in the app, ok? Want to find out how to take advantage of this feature? Just take a look!

How to create folders with favorite videos on TikTok

Access the TikTok app (Android | iOS) and follow the steps below to organize your favorite videos into folders!

  1. Find a video you want to save;
  2. Tap the share icon to bring up the options;
  3. One of them is the “Add to favorites”;
  4. A message appears confirming that it has been added, but also gives the option to add to a collection, tap to do so;
  5. Give the collection a name and tap “Save”.

Ready! So, the next time you want to save a video, just add it to an existing category. Then it will appear as one of the options when adding to a collection, very practical, right? Share this tip with your friends!

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