20 must-see tips for anyone using iOS 15

Apple has already made available to users iOS 15, the company’s operating system update for iPhone. The new version of the OS is full of new features for the user, with new functions and modifications that improve the smartphone experience.

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Top Tips for iOS 15

Many people are already enjoying the main new features of iOS 15 on the iPhone, such as the new Focus mode features and the redesigned Safari. However, there are functions that few users know and that can further improve the use of the smartphone. O Haanga prepared a list with the main tips and tricks of Apple’s new operating system.

1. Organize the Notifications Summary

One of the main novelties is the new management of alerts through the Notifications Summary. Through it, less urgent notifications can be set to appear at a specific time, organized on the lock screen. This function is extremely useful to help you focus on everyday life, preventing your cell phone from constantly interrupting you for some marketing or news that you could see later.

For example, an app that delivers political news might send notifications scheduled every hour. You can set these notifications to appear organized in the Notifications Summary at the end of the day at a desired time.

See more about turning on iPhone notification digest and learn how to enter the feature settings to add apps and adjust notification delivery time.

2. Use Focus Mode features

The change in how the user will handle notifications through Focus Mode is also one of the great new features of iOS 15. Now, a new menu with customized and more complete options is available. These functions will make it possible to set various statuses to determine how the system handles notifications whether the user is driving, at work or at rest.

In Sleep mode, for example, all audible and vibrating alerts will be turned off and no notifications will appear on the screen. Everything is integrated into iMessage so your family knows you’re sleeping and don’t want to be disturbed.

Check out the article we created on Haanga about how iOS 15’s Focus mode works and enjoy all the functions it has to offer.

3. Use Portrait Mode in FaceTime and 3rd party apps

FaceTime has introduced several improvements to make conversations even more immersive and effective and has assimilated system resources. One is the blurred background by Portrait Mode in a video call, which avoids distractions and focuses the stream on you.

The blurred background can also be used in third-party apps, and you can see how to record Stories with the blurred background on the iPhone For FaceTime, in particular, check out the article we did to use the blurred background (Portrait Mode) in FaceTime.

4. Activate voice isolation

iOS 15 brought a feature called Voice Isolation to allow you to cancel background sounds and focus on the speaker’s voice. Even in noisy public environments, the microphone will only pick up the person who is closest to the device’s microphone, which will allow for improved conversation quality.

Learn how to use voice isolation and reduce noise in iPhone calls using FaceTime and other internet voice calling apps.

5. Send FaceTime meeting links

Another important new feature is the FaceTime conversation link: it can be sent to anyone and accessed from other devices, including Android and Windows devices (both via browser).

To do this, just open FaceTime on your iPhone and tap on the “Create Link” option. Then, when you open the share window, choose which app or person you want to send the link created for the meeting to.

6. Watch movies and series with others through SharePlay

SharePlay is one of the most surprising new features in iOS 15 for FaceTime. It allows you to watch movies, series and share your iPhone screen in real time with friends and family.

Third-party apps and streaming services can work on SharePlay using an API available to developers. Apple already works with Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, TikTok, and Twitch, among others. Here’s how to use the feature to share iPhone screen in FaceTime call.

7. Select text in images by Live Text

Here in the channeltech, we’ve already covered everything you can do with the new Live Text feature. The AI ​​system in iOS 15 now recognizes text in images captured by the iPhone’s camera, in images in Safari, or stored in the Photo Library in the Photos app.

Use the feature a lot to copy very long texts into photos, or translate a passage from a book that you are not sure of the meaning. In addition, you can capture the number of an advertising plate and make a call instantly, without the risk of trying to memorize and dialing the wrong number.

8. Drag and drop images onto iPhone

On a desktop computer, it is quite common to use the mouse to drag an image and place it in a folder or store it in software. In iOS 15, you can do the same task using just your finger. Practical, isn’t it?

We have prepared a detailed article for you to learn how to drag and drop images from one application to another. You can, for example, select a photo in Safari and take it directly into the Photos app.

9. Save multiple images at once

If you need to save multiple images or drag them to another app, there’s nothing worse than having to open them one by one, right? To solve this, iOS 15 allows you to select multiple images at once.

To do this, just select an image and drag it down. Then, with another finger, touch the other images that you wanted to select and, finally, use the multitouch to change the application and release it.

10. Hide your email address

One of the very useful new features released by Apple in its iCloud+ service pack is the Hide My Email, or hide my email. Thus, it is possible to prevent your personal account from being targeted by companies that promote spam and virtual garbage. Its action is very simple: a random email is generated to forward messages received in the main email, preserving the identity of your address.

To take advantage of Hide My Emailyou must subscribe to a service package with plans starting at R$3.50, which still offer more iCloud storage space and other extra features.

11. Enable Private Relay

Known by users as “Apple VPN”, Private Relay is one of the features that comes with iCloud+ to give users privacy in their internet browsing. Through it, your IP address and Safari activities are hidden to prevent tracking and collection of private information.

Check out our full article on Private Relay, all about the feature and how to enable it on your iOS 15 iPhone.

12. Use Siri offline

Now, Siri also works without an internet connection in iOS 15. The Neural Engine is largely responsible for the novelty and follows the latest iPhone chipsets, making Siri able to understand our speech and process a significant amount of information to respond to requests even offline.

The only problem, however, is that the Brazilian version of the iPhone’s virtual assistant is not included in this novelty. If interacting with Siri in English isn’t a problem for you, check out our article on how to use Siri without internet on iPhone.

13. Choose an outfit for the Memojis

Memojis also received attention from Apple in iOS 15. Apple avatars now have clothing options, making them even more customizable in their editing options.

There are several models of shirts and colors that you can choose to give the perfect combination to your Memoji. Check out our full tutorial to edit and customize your avatar on iPhone.

14. Get weather notifications in the Weather app

The Weather app has had a major interface update in iOS 15 and has much more useful information and resources. In addition to the usual weather forecasts, you can see a map of the temperature in a region, know the UV index, sunset time and other details.

If you need more attention on the temperature variation in a city, you can activate an alert to send this information on the lock screen. To do this, in the Weather app, tap the list button (represented by three dashes) in the lower right corner of the screen. Then go to “Notifications” and enable the “My Location” option.

15. Use gestures to interact with Safari

Safari is also an app that has received a lot of update from Apple in iOS 15. In addition to the redesigned look, the iPhone browser also gained several gestures to make the experience of interacting with pages and tabs even more fluid.

Now, you can move the Safari tabs at the bottom of the screen to the left or right, as if you were interacting with multitasking. The browser also allows you to refresh the page just by pulling the page all the way down – quite similar to what Google Chrome offers.

16. Tone Safari

In addition to the new functionality that Safari has received, the iPhone browser now also adapts its colors to the website visited. For example, if a certain web page has a predominant blue color, the app’s interface will have the same tone. i

If you prefer Safari to remain neutral, go to the Settings app and tap “Safari”. Finally, disable the “Allow SIte Toning” option.

17. See more detailed information from the photos

The Photos app gained a very useful enhancement in iOS 15: the technical breakdown of stored images and videos. This feature lets you see the photo’s source – which app was downloaded or captured – as well as the date it was saved, camera information, and location.

To access this function, simply open an image in the Photos app and drag it up. That simple.

18. Change playback speed on videos

Do you often watch tutorials or video lessons on iPhone? These activities can be tiring in normal speed mode. To save time, iOS 15 lets you change the video speed up to 2x.

If, on the other hand, you want to slow down the video to follow a recipe, for example, you can slow it down by up to 0.5x. See our full article on how to change video playback speed on iPhone.

19. Locate a turned off iPhone

Users who have an iPhone 11 or higher have an excellent new feature in iOS 15: the ability to locate the device turned off. The resource gives a period of 24 hours to be located through the Buscar app.

Remember that the Find My iPhone option, in the app’s settings, is activated, as well as the device’s Bluetooth. So, the way Low Power Find My, or Low Power Search, will emit signals to nearby devices and calculate an approximate trace. Check out more details in the article we made here on Haanga on how to track iPhone turned off.

20. Do actions with apps in Spotlight

Spotilight gained more attention from Apple in iOS 15 and now allows the user to access the app’s options through 3D Touch for quick actions or even quickly delete it. In addition, you can also download other apps from the App Store directly from Spotlight.

To access it, just drag the home screen or the locked screen downwards. In the search field, search for an app, download others or search for other topics of interest to you.

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