How to Enable Privacy Screen in Google Drive

Over the years, Google Drive has become a very important work tool, right? Today, it is the main storage source for most Google services like Gmail, Google Meet, Docs, and Classroom, for example. Thus, several important files and information are stored in Google Drive.

In addition, as it is an individual service that offers free storage, many people also tend to save photos and memories on Google Drive. So today I came to give you a tip: did you know that you can add a password to your Google drive app? This is a solution that protects access to your files, through the “Privacy Screen” option available for iOS (iPhone).

With it active, opening the app requires unlocking your screen using Face ID, fingerprint, or your six-digit PIN password. Want to find out how to add a second layer of security to your Google Drive app? Just take a look at this article!

How to enable privacy screen in Google Drive

Guys, before starting, it is worth remembering that the “Privacy Screen” option is only available in the version for iOS devices (iPhone). But, you can check how to add a password in Google Drive for Android by accessing this article that came out here on Haanga:

Step 1: on the app home page, tap the “Menu” icon to see more options;

step 2: do that, tap on “Settings”;

step 3: then select the “Privacy Screen” option;

step 4: with everything right, when this option is active whenever you open the Google Drive app, you will be asked for an authentication password. So, just unlock the app through Face ID, fingerprint or six-digit PIN password, okay?

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