How to use the Instagram store to create a wish list

Hey guys! Recently Instagram made some changes to its homepage by adding the “Shop” button, right? This change was a very important novelty on the platform, after all, now everyone can follow product offers more easily on the social network. 💙

That’s why the “Activity” button, which has the heart icon, ended up at the top of the menu, next to the “Direct Messages” (DM) icon. Oh! And did you know that now you can even create a “wish list” with items you want to buy later? So you can save some cool stuff you found on Instagram.

Want to find out how to create your wish list? Just take a look at this article! 😉

How to use the Instagram store to create a wish list

Guys, before starting, it’s worth remembering that the Instagram “Store” function is already available in the app in its versions for Android and iOS, okay? So, just keep your app up to date

Step 1: on the home page, tap on the “Shop” icon on the main menu;

step 2: On this page, you can find many different products being advertised on Instagram. By tapping on the “Library” icon in the top menu, you will find your wish list;

step 3: Saving a product to your wishlist is pretty easy. When you find something really cool, just tap the “Saved” icon to add that product to your list. Oh! And if you remember a friend of yours, you can forward it to him via “DM” as well;

step 4: with everything right, that product will be saved in your wish list. You can tap “View” on the notification to view its complete list;

step 5: Finally, here you will find all the items that have been saved to your Instagram wish list.

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