06.08.21AppsWhat it is and how to use the Instagram Insights function

Hey guys! Today I have a really cool tip for those who use Instagram a lot. Do you already know the “Insights” tab? It’s a social media tool that’s great for influencers, content creators, and professional accounts. In this tab, you can get to know your audience better and even see how your publications are reaching.💙

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Pretty cool, huh? The “Insights” tab is part of the features of professional accounts. But on Instagram, everyone can take advantage of these tools, you know? We have an article here on Haanga that teaches how to do it in more detail, just click on the link below! ✅

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But, want to find out how to use Instagram Insights? Just take a look at this article! 😉

How to use Instagram Insights

Guys, before starting, it’s worth remembering that this tool is available in the Instagram app for Android and iOS devices, okay? So everyone can enjoy it! 📱

Step 1: on your “Profile” page, tap on the “Insights” tab;

step 2: on this page, you will find an overview of your interactions, content reach and the performance of your posts on Instagram;

step 3: you can also see more details by tapping on one of the categories, like “Reach”, for example;

step 4: ah! And in these tabs you can use the categories to select specific periods. Thus, it is easier to find out how many interactions happened in the last 7 days, 14 days or even 30 days;

step 5: you can also see how many new followers started following you during these periods;

step 6: Finally, your Insights also show you how your posts performed separately. You can see details about your Stories, Reels and Timeline photos.

So, they can be a great tool to track your development on Instagram. Did you like this tip? Share this article with your friends! 🥰

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