How to see your 2021 retrospective on Spotify

Great news for music lovers! From today (1) the Spotify Retrospective 2021 is now available in the app for Android and iOS smartphones. This is almost an end-of-year tradition. Every year in December Spotify brings together the artists, songs, and podcasts most listened to by people on the platform and creates personalized “stories” for each account.

And the coolest thing is that these “stories” show what marked your Spotify in 2021. They are very colorful and interactive, we even have mini-games and trivia about: how long have you been listening to the songs of your favorite artists. So, if you use Spotify a lot, it’s worth checking out their year-end retrospective!

Want to find out how to access your Spotify retrospective and share on social media? 🎤 Just take a look at this article! 🎵

  1. To access your 2021 retrospective on Spotify, you can tap on the banner available on the app’s homepage or access the official link of Spotify Retrospective;
  2. Once that’s done, tap on “See what you liked in 2021” to start seeing your personalized “stories”;
  3. Finally, you can tap “Share” to publish these stories on social networks like Instagram, for example. Quick, huh?

Oh! And in case you can’t find the Spotify retrospective, don’t worry, the news is gradually being released in the app. But look! There are two solutions:

  1. You can tap the “Search” button, the retrospective will be available just below the search bar;
  2. And also check if there are new updates for Spotify in your little shop, ok? The novelty should appear on Spotify’s homepage.

How to share Spotify flashback

Did you like your review? You can share it on all your social networks, check it out!

  1. To share a specific story, just tap on “Share this story”;
  2. If you want to share your full retrospective, at the end of the exhibition tap “Share” and then select a social network to generate your retrospective link;
  3. Oh! And check it out: you can also tap “Download” to save that story in your gallery.

Pretty cool, huh? Share this news with your friends who use Spotify a lot!

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