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  • How to use Excel
    Do you use Excel often? Microsoft’s spreadsheet program, like so many other services, has numerous features that make it easy to use. Given the number
  • How to Add Effects to Live Photos on iPhone, iPad and Mac
    At Live Photos are well known to iPhone users. This effect is responsible for “giving life” to the photos recorded on the device’s cameras, which
  • How to install and use Chrome Extensions
    The Google browser, although it is quite equipped, can have its functions expanded through the Chrome Extensions. Extensions, often created by third-party companies and made
  • How to Play online on PS4 and PS5
    One of the most fun things to do with your PlayStation console is playing online with friends (or strangers). For most games, you need to
  • 4 Ways to Find Someone on TikTok
    Want to connect with a friend but don’t know how to find someone on tiktok? While the most obvious strategy is to look up the
  • How to log out of Telegram Web
    See how to log out of Telegram Web, the logoff process can be done either by the browser version or the computer software, but if
  • How to Change or Remove a cell Phone password
    Currently, numeric passwords are just one of the options for securing a cell phone. Despite this, some users do not dispense with the classic method.
  • How to Remove online Status from WhatsApp Web
    WhatsApp was one of those responsible for revolutionizing the way we communicate, facilitating this process. But even if you’re online on the platform, that doesn’t
  • How to Create Animated Stickers for WhatsApp
    WhatsApp allows the import of animated stickers created in other applications. In this way, apps like and Sticker Maker have included the option of
  • How to Use symbols on Instagram
    Instagram is the favorite social network of many users. Using symbols in the profile, such as in the name and bio, is a valid option
  • How to Change DNS Server in Windows 7
    When we hire a broadband provider, our internet is automatically configured to use the DNS (Domain Name System) numbers offered by the company, which on
  • How to Connect Deezer to Smart TV
    Connecting Deezer to Smart TV is something that can be done extremely quickly and conveniently. The app, recently launched by the streaming service, allows users
  • How to Enable location on iPhone
    Location Services work on the iOS system and applications by accessing GPS technology to know where your device is, in order to provide you with
  • How to Create a Secret Friend gift list online
    Numerous internet sites allow create secret friend gift lists online even from a distance. One of the options is the Amigo Secret page, which includes
  • How to Activate a SIM card in the cell phone
    Need help on how to activate a SIM card on your cell phone? Activation is quick and the user can do it alone, but it’s
  • How to Pin a Post to your Facebook profile
    Facebook (Android l iOS l Web) allows pinning posts to the timeline, although many users are not aware of this possibility. The feature, which is
  • How to Enable Tactile Time on Apple Watch
    Looking at the Apple Watch display to know the current time is one of the ways that the smartwatch offers the user. In addition, there
  • How to Contact Spotify Support
    If you are a subscriber to the service, it is essential to know how to contact Spotify. Support will help you resolve security issues, particularly
  • How to Use MindMeister
    MindMeister is a collaborative tool aimed at creating mind maps in a visual way. With a customizable interface, it allows the organization of brainstorming, meetings,
  • How to Update all apps at once
    Discover how to update all apps at once, it can be very practical. After all, daily several apps are updated with corrections and news through