It’s simple, isn’t? Now all you have to do is to decide that right now, it’s time to switch to the better skin care products!

Even if you’re a busy mom or just want your skin care products better than you had before, we will provide what the needs to satisfy you.

Services Offered

  • All Around Usage

    You don't have to worry about our products to ...

  • Low Chemical Exposure

    Conventional beauty products, irrespective of ...

  • Environment Welcoming

    Conventional beauty products utilize petroleum-...

About us

Greetings! I’m Alyssa Carlson the owner of the Look Like A Model and also one of its dermatologists. We will help you make more beautiful than before while making your skin healthier with our organic skin care products!We only make our products from organic ingredients that contains essential vitamins and minerals that will help your skin health.


What our happy customers say:

Their products are really amazing! Not only it’s better than my old skin care program, they’re also environment friendly, which is a big plus for me!

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